Top 15 Best Air Purifier in 2019 Reviews

It is recommended that 
we breathe clean air, and this may be impossible, considering our lifestyle. 
Most of us have pets in the house, and this is likely to expose us to pet 
dander. Moreover, the air we breathe in the house is likely to contain such 
pollutants as pollen grains and mold spores, as well as airborne bacteria, 
viruses, and germs. Well, these pollutants can complicate breathing if not 
taken care of. Fortunately, there is a safe, natural way to keep the air in 
your house clean. And this is by going for an air purifier. Have a look at the 
following top 15 best air purifier in reviews to get the best product without 
breaking a sweat.

Check out the Best Air Purifier

#1. Guardian 
Technologies 3-in-1 Air Purifier (AC4825)

1. Guardian 
Technologies 3-in-1 Air Purifier (AC4825)

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The Guardian 
Technologies AC4825 model will help you kill airborne viruses and bacteria, 
capture allergens, and reduce mold and odors. It is loaded with several highly 
functional features such as the True HEPA filter that captures up to 
99.97-percent of allergens and dust.


  • Reasonable for the price
  • Perfect for those who live in a busy 
area and have pets
  • Kills airborne bacteria, viruses, and 


  • The unit may arrive with a few defects, 
but the manufacturer always solves this.

#2. Levoit 
LV-H132 Air Purifier Filtration

2. Levoit 
LV-H132 Air Purifier Filtration

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Are you suffering from 
nasal stiffness or allergies? Then try the Levoit LV-H132 Air Purifier 
Filtration. It comes equipped with activated carbon filters that eliminate 
unwanted odors from cooking, pets, and smoking. It also features 3-speed 
settings, which offer options based on different conditions.


  • Backed by a 2-year warranty
  • Unit is ultra quiet
  • Air purifier is easy to access
  • The unit looks nice


  • The filter cover is somewhat difficult 
to open.

#3. Honeywell 
HPA300 Allergen Remover

3. Honeywell 
HPA300 Allergen Remover

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Featuring 4-air 
cleaning levels (Turbo, General Clean, Allergen, and Germ), the Honeywell 
HPA300 Allergen Remover will purify the air inside your house for worry-free 
breathing experience. It is designed for large rooms up to 465 sq. ft. and this 
means you will be able to place it in your living room or bedroom.

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  • Prevents allergies and sinus problems
  • Circulates air perfectly
  • The unit is easy to set up


  • The air purifier is quite large.

#4. Guardian 
Technologies Air Purifier (AC5250PT)

4. Guardian 
Technologies Air Purifier (AC5250PT)

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Meet the Guardian 
Technologies AC5250PT model! This unit comes equipped with 5 speeds that allow 
you to get the right mode for optimum satisfaction. It also features an 
easy-to-use digital display panel that makes it super simple to operate. Plus 
it is equipped with the True HEPA filter, which captures up to 99.87-percent of 


  • Air purifier works well
  • Easy to operate
  • Perfect for those who suffer from 


  • The unit may arrive with a few defects, 
but the manufacturer always helps out.

#5. Coway 
White Air Purifier (AP-1512HH)

5. Coway 
White Air Purifier (AP-1512HH)

Amazon Price
Coway was established 
in 1989, and up to date, they still produce top quality, innovative products. 
Well, one of these products is the Coway White Air Purifier (AP-1512HH). It is 
designed to enhance your life; hence, it should be a frontier for you, 
especially if you hate unwanted odors or have breathing issues.


  • The unit is very quiet
  • The auto feature works great
  • Moves the air even on the lowest setting


  • The air purifier is a bit bigger, but it 
works great.

#6. Hamilton 
Beach 04384 Air Cleaner Purifier

6. Hamilton 
Beach 04384 Air Cleaner Purifier

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When it comes to 
purchasing the best air cleaner purifier, look no further than the Hamilton 
Beach 04384 Air Cleaner Purifier. It has 2 carbon zeolite filters that are 
replaceable and help get rid of pet odors. Ideally, this unit works effectively 
for rooms up to 140 square feet.


  • Great for the price
  • The unit is easy to assemble
  • Unit comes with good instructions
  • Air purifier is simple to operate


  • Retention bars at the filters are flex 
plastic but will last longer if taken care of properly.

#7. OION 
Technologies B-1000 Air Purifier

7. OION 
Technologies B-1000 Air Purifier

Amazon Price
Are bacteria, germs, 
and viruses weighing you down? If yes, look no further than the OION 
Technologies B-1000 Air Purifier. It uses carbon filtration and ozone power to 
reduce odors, freshen the air, and absorb volatile airborne pollutants. This 
unit also boasts low-energy consumption, meaning you will not raise your 
electricity bill.


  • Backed by 1-year warranty
  • Neon light works as night light and can 
be taken off if not needed
  • Very silent


  • The LED light may be annoying at night 
when you need to sleep.

#8. Guardian 
Technologies AC5350B Air Purifier

8. Guardian 
Technologies AC5350B Air Purifier

Amazon Price
It is time to make your 
room free of airborne germs, bacteria, and viruses. Well, all you need to 
achieve this is the Guardian Technologies AC5350B Air Purifier. This unit is 
simple and stylish yet it is powerful enough to get rid of unwanted odors and 
allergens in the air.

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  • Backed by a 5-year warranty
  • Looks unique and beautiful
  • Air purifier is perfect for allergy 


  • The unit is a little louder, but not too 
loud to interfere with your sleep.

#9. Guardian 
Technologies AC4100 Air Purifier

9. Guardian 
Technologies AC4100 Air Purifier

Amazon Price
Guardian Technologies 
has been producing premium quality products for a pretty long time. Well, one 
of these products is the Guardian Technologies AC4100 Air Purifier. It is an 
intelligently engineered unit that features 3-speed controls and boasts a 
compact size to enable it to fit in tight spaces.


  • The unit works well
  • Compact and fits in tight spaces
  • Makes you breathe easier


  • The air purifier has no indicator light 
to show whether it’s on/off; otherwise, it works great.

#10. Honeywell 
390 sq. ft. Air Purifier (50250-S)

10. Honeywell 
390 sq. ft. Air Purifier (50250-S)

Amazon Price
Designed for extra 
large spaces, the Honeywell 50250-S model promises to significantly reduce the 
amount of pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and dust. It has an Intelli-Check 
Electronic Filter Indicator that takes out the guesswork by letting you know 
when it’s time to change the filters.


  • The purifier has no strange rattling 
  • Moves large volume of air
  • Cleans bird dander and pollutants of air
  • Well built


  • A bit louder on the highest setting

#11. Gideon 
Electronic Air Purifier

11. Gideon 
Electronic Air Purifier

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Eliminate germs and 
allergens in the safest way possible with the Gideon Electronic Air Purifier. 
This thoughtfully engineered air purifier has an ultraviolet light that kills 
more than 98-percent of airborne germs. It also features a whisper-quiet technology 
fan, which circulates the air without making noises. The time to enjoy crisp, 
clean air is now!


  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Works great for morning allergies
  • Metal filters are very nice
  • Unbeatable price


  • The UV light has a high pitched whine, but 
this does not affect the performance of the unit.

#12. Holmes 
HAP242-NUC Air Purifier

12. Holmes 
HAP242-NUC Air Purifier

Amazon Price
Say goodbye to 
breathing difficulties by going for the Holmes HAP242-NUC Air Purifier. It has 
an optional ionizer that helps in the removal of particles. Plus it boasts a 
slim dual design that allows you to place it either vertically or horizontally. 
The Holmes HAP242-NUC model is perfect for rooms up to 109 sq. ft.


  • The unit is durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Air purifier controls dust
  • Fits in tight spaces perfectly


  • A bit noisy, but won’t disrupt your 

#13. Levoit 
LV-PUR131 Air Purifier

13. Levoit 
LV-PUR131 Air Purifier

Amazon Price
Levoit is more than 
happy to introduce to you the Levoit LV-PUR131 Air Purifier. This unit is 
reliable and efficient; hence, will instantly be your favorite product. It is 
the perfect candidate for anyone with nasal stiffness or allergies. Besides, 
this air purifier features an auto button that activates its automatic sensors 
in order to monitor air quality.

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  • Makes a perfect gift for office mates, 
mom, dad or friends
  • Removes cooking smells effectively
  • Easy to install
  • Runs quiet and smooth


  • The air purifier is a bit pricey, but it 
is worth it.

#14. Honeywell 
155 sq. ft. Allergen Remover (HPA100)

14. Honeywell 
155 sq. ft. Allergen Remover (HPA100)

Amazon Price
Do not let your lungs 
be the only air purifier! Today, the market has the Honeywell HPA100 model, 
which purifies air effectively to make breathing much easier than ever before. 
Ideally, it comes equipped with electronic reminders that alert you when you 
need to change the filters. Plus it automatically shuts off after 2, 4 or 8 
hours, depending on the setting.


  • Perfect for small rooms
  • Air purifier cleans great
  • It operates quietly


  • Replacement filters are quite expensive, 
but they work.

#15. Winix 
Air Cleaner (WAC9500)

15. Winix 
Air Cleaner (WAC9500)

Amazon Price
One great thing about 
the Winix WAC9500 model is that its Pre-Filter is washable, and this means it 
will last longer. In addition, the model has PlasmaWave technology that gets 
rid of pollutants and neutralizes gases, bacteria, and odors. It also features 
Smart Sensors that have auto-mode to help meet the requirements of your 


  • Cleans air so well
  • Removes odors, bacteria, gases, and dust
  • Air purifier is very quiet
  • Looks strong and durable


  • Filters are expensive to replace. But 
they work.

How to Choose the Best 
Air Purifier

At the end of the day, you want a unit that operates quietly without 
interfering with your sleep. For this reason, make sure the air purifier you 
are about to buy is ultra-quiet even at the highest setting.
  • Air purifiers consume a lot of energy and can surprisingly raise your 
electricity bill. The good news is most modern air purifiers have the 
EnergyStar symbol to indicate that they are energy efficient, and this makes 
them worth considering during purchase.
  • Air purifiers will not work effectively if they are clogged. They 
need to be cleaned on a regular basis and even have their filters should they 
be worn out. However, this may be impossible if your unit is arduous to clean.

It is time to make the 
air you breathe clean and healthy. Well, there are several ways to achieve 
that, but the use of air purifiers is so far the best. Most of these units have 
advanced features that enable them to clean up to 99.97-percent of air. Nevertheless, 
there are several brands of air purifiers on the market and it can be difficult 
to get a top quality product. That’s why we have come up with the above 
compilation. Go through it and choose one unit that best suits your needs!

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