Top 10 Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots for Walking in 2019 Reviews

A pair of some good old cowboy boots is one of those footwear types that you would expect to find in any classy and trendy man’s closet. Although they were initially meant to protect cowboys when herding cattle or riding horses, cowboy boots are now a fashion statement maker for gentlemen. However, like with any other shoe types, you need to make sure that whatever you choose does not only look good but is also comfortable enough.

Cowboy boots have been around for more than a century now and they are no longer a preserve for American men from the “wide west” as many men across the globe now wear them. What this means is that the market is flooded with all kinds of cowboy boots. And they range from cheap imitations to high end and highly durable genuine leather boots. Hence it is always vital to know how to choose the most comfortable, stylish and durable boots.

In our guide below we highlight the most important factors to consider when picking your pair of cowboy boots and also review some of the top-rated ones in the market.

Check out the Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots for Walking

#1. Ariat Men’s Rambler Western Cowboy Boots

1. Ariat Men’s Rambler Western Cowboy Boots

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For those that prefer to wear wide square toe bots here is a great pair for you from Ariat. Also, it is a great choice for men that life brown boots as they are available in two shades of brown. The boots are genuine leather and they have an 11-inch shaft. Also, the mid-calf western boots have a duratread sole for maximum flexibility and wear resistance.

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#2. Ariat Men’s Workhog Work Boots

2. Ariat Men's Workhog Work Boots

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Here is another version of the Ariat boots that will also be a great choice for men that like wide square toe boots. However, they are available in more colors options and with a patterned shaft. The boots also have an 11-inch shaft and with a 1.25-inch heel. It is a premium full grain leather boot and it uses Advanced Torque Stability technology to make it more comfortable and stable. And it has a mesh lining also for comfort and a slip and oil resistant outsole for excellent traction on all surfaces.

#3. Ariat Men’s Heritage Roughstock Cowboy Boot

3. Ariat Men's Heritage Roughstock Cowboy Boot

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You can always trust Ariat to have a pair of cowboy boots for you regardless of your tastes and preferences. This particular pair is for men that prefer something with a more traditional look, and it comes with a square-shaped toe but you can also get it in various other styles. And they have a longer 12-inch shaft that will be great if you prefer your shaft a little higher. It is also full grain leather boot with an ATS footbed for stability.

#4. Ariat Men’s Sports Wide Square Toe Western Cowboy Boot

4. Ariat Men's Sports Wide Square Toe Western Cowboy Boot

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Western cowboy boots come in all styles and this one is for someone that likes something with a modern touch. And like most Ariat boots, it features a full grain leather construction with an 11.5-inch shaft, and a lovely four-row stitching that also helps to enhance the look. The wide square toe style boot is available in three distinct colors and with a synthetic air-mesh lining and duratread outsole.

#5. Alberto Fellini Western Cowboy Boots

5. Alberto Fellini Western Cowboy Boots

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While leather cowboy boots are always the best option, some synthetic ones like can still work well for you if you prefer something more affordable. These are ankle high boots with a 1.25-inch heel and they use all man-made materials (synthetic for both the upper section and sole). And they are available in both black and white, and with a stylish and functional side zipper.

#6. Men’s Crocodile Prints Cowboy Boots

6. Men's Crocodile Prints Cowboy Boots

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Alberto Fellini is famous for their relatively affordable cowboy boots. And if you like something with crocodile prints these ankle high ones will impress you. They are also synthetic boots that come with an easy to adjust and removable ankle buckle detailing and a full shaft-length zipper that makes eh boots easy to wear and remove. You can get these boots in black and brown color options with the beautiful crocodile print patterns.

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#7. Ariat Heritage R Toe Cowboy Boot

7. Ariat Heritage R Toe Cowboy Boot

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A durable genuine leather material combines with a synthetic sole and a traditional western style to make this one of the most attractive Ariat boots. The western-inspired boots are available in two color choices which are black deer tan and distressed brown. Also, they have the Advanced Torque Stability, some pull-on loops at the scallop and a highly durable synthetic sole.

#8. Ariat Hybrid Rancher Cowboy Boot

8. Ariat Hybrid Rancher Cowboy Boot

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These Ariat shoes combine an all leather construction for the upper section and synthetic sole. Also, they have a leather lining and a 4LR 4-layer footbed to enhance the comfort. These boots have a lovely six-row stitch shaft with some attractive patterns and a U toe profile. The shaft is 11 inches long and the heel is 1.5 inches and the outsole is both slip and oil-resistant.

#9. Laredo Willow Creek Boot

9. Laredo Willow Creek Boot

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The elaborate stitching on the shaft is one of the most distinctive elements on the Laredo boots. Although it gives it a detailed look it does not look overly done. The boots are genuine leather and with a synthetic sole and they, will comes in two color options which are brown and tan Crazy horse. They also have an extra long 13-inch shaft that will be great for you if you like tall shaft boots. These pointed toe boots have a comfort cushion orthotic that will make them feel fantastic when wearing.

#10. Dan Post Boot Company Men’s Milwaukee 13-Inch Western Boot

10. Dan Post Boot Company Men's Milwaukee 13-Inch Western Boot

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If you are into cowboy boots with intricate patterns the detailed shaft and elaborate stitching on this one should impress you. They also have a13-inch high shaft and with a 1-1/2-inch heel. The boots come with a stacked heel for extra support and a cushioned insole for comfort. Also, the boots are available in black and various other lovely shades such as antique tan and sand.

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Choosing the Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots

With the many types of cowboy boots out there, you can be sure that there is a comfortable pair there for you and you just need to find it. And for this, you should consider the following factors when shopping.


If you are going for traditional or western style cowboy boots, leather is always the best material option. However, there are also various types of leather and it mostly depends on the animal it came from and the tanning process. But, the simple rule is always to make sure that whatever you pick is not only genuine leather but also soft and comfortable enough.

The Fit

For a cowboy boot to be comfortable it has to fit you well. Hence, the fit is always an important factor to take into account. One of the most common mistakes that many people will do is to buy a pair of cowboy boots just because it is their ?usual’ footwear number. Different boots will have a different fit and so when possible it is always a good idea to try out the boots before buying or check out the manufacturer’s fit advice.

Color and Pattern

You can get cowboy boots in almost any color and style imaginable. What you pick depends on your preferences and of course your tastes. But, if you want something with a more formal look, brown and black with minimal pattern detail is always the best option. Also, black and brown are more neutral colors and almost anyone will look good in them. Bright cowboy boots with lots of visible patterns are good for those that want to stand out.

A pair of comfortable cowboy boots is always a great addition to your footwear collection, and they are also great if you walk a lot. And the good news is that there are plenty of them in the market and so you will have many options. With our guide above to give you information on how to choose the best, you should find cowboy boots that will impress you.

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