Top 10 Best Water Filtration System for House in 2019 Reviews

We all know that water is life and as much as it might sound like a cliché, it is still a fact that will never change. But, not just any water will do bit you need clean and safe water for consumption and for other domestic uses. And while the authorities will try their best to convert that river or dam water into something that looks drinkable, in most cases the taps water still have lots of contaminants.

The need to clean up the regular tap water or to get rid of contaminants and pollutants is what makes a water filtration system vital for your home. These systems not only help to provide safe drinking water but also ensure that the shower water does not irritate the skin.

But since there are countless brands and types of water filtration systems out there we help you pick the best by reviews some of the top ones and with our handy shopping guide.

Check out the Best Water Filtration System

#1. APEC Top Tier 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

1. APEC Top Tier 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

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This 5-stage reverse osmosis system is relatively affordable given the quality and capabilities. And it will remove up to 99% of the common water contaminants from fluoride, lead and chlorine to heavy metals and bacteria. The filtration system also includes a lead-free faucet and all the necessary tubing and parts. And there are also some easy to follow instructions and video to make it easy for you to install the system as a DIY project.

#2. iSpring RCC7AK Under Sink 6-Stage Water Filtration System

2. iSpring RCC7AK Under Sink 6-Stage Water Filtration System

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With this under sink reverse osmosis filtration system you will always have clean and safe water anytime you need it as it is a high capacity. It is also highly effective in removing more than a thousand contaminants from the water. And since reverse osmosis also get rid of some of the essential minerals in water, the alkaline remineralization filter will be very useful. This system also comes with a beautiful faucet and some easy to follow do-it-yourself installation instructions.

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#3. Woder 10K Direct Connect Water Filtration System

3. Woder 10K Direct Connect Water Filtration System

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A simple and affordable direct connect water filtration system like this one also works fine and it proves that you do not always need something complex to filter your water. It gets rid of all the heavy metals, chlorine and other contaminants to ensure that you end up with water that smells nice and without bad odors and weird taste. And it only takes about five minutes to set up this system.

#4. Apec Top Tier 6-Stage Drinking Water Filter System

4. Apec Top Tier 6-Stage Drinking Water Filter System

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With the 6-stage filtration on this water filter system you can be confident of getting rid up to 99% of all the contaminants that you can think of. And it uses US-made cartridges that adhere to the highest quality standards and some premium filters that will last for a long time. This system also comes with a beautiful lead-free designer faucet.

#5. New Wave Enviro 10-Stage Water Filtration

5. New Wave Enviro 10-Stage Water Filtration

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Here is another simple and affordable water filter system that will provide a continuous supply of fresh, crisp water that tastes fantastic. This filter will attach to the faucet quickly and there are also conversion kits that allow you to mount it under the sink. Also, this filter has a 10-stage water filtrations technology and so you can be confident that it will get rid of all the contaminants.

#6. Woder 10K-Gen3 Direct Connect Filter System

6. Woder 10K-Gen3 Direct Connect Filter System

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If you just want something for filtering you regular tap water that has already gone through some sort of treatment the Woder 10K-Gen3 will be perfect. It is a high capacity system that you should mount under the sink and it will last for up to 10,000 gallons or 3 years depending on what comes first. And since it will come with all the fittings and parts that you need for installation, you can mount it in under 5 minutes.

#7. iSpring RCC7AK Deluxe 7-Stage Under Sink Filtration System

7. iSpring RCC7AK Deluxe 7-Stage Under Sink Filtration System

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Reverse osmosis is one of the most efficient as of filtering water and this 7-stage version of the iSpring RCC7AK makes use of the technology to ensure that homeowners always get safe water on demand. Also, this filter system has alkaline remineralization that ensures that the water you take has those good minerals and UV sterilization. The filter also comes with some premium components for durability and you will not need any professional help for installation.

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#8. Home Master TMHP HydroPerfection Water Filter System

8. Home Master TMHP HydroPerfection Water Filter System

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Although this Home Master water filter system is quite expensive it is worth the extra cost as it uses a much better reverse osmosis system. And you will hardly find any water that is more pure than what you get with most other cheap water filters. It is ideal for city tap water and well water and the long lasting and easy to replace filters will serve you for an entire year or more,

#9. APEC WFS-1000 3-Stage Water Filter System

9. APEC WFS-1000 3-Stage Water Filter System

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A high-quality water filter system like this one with a super capacity will cater for all you clean water needs. The water filter will get rid of all chemicals, odors and bad taste. And it comes with a long-lasting filter that will provide the home with unlimited fresh water and the system will also include a chrome faucet that is lead free and food grade tubing.

#10. Olympia Water Systems 50-Stage OROS-50

10. Olympia Water Systems 50-Stage OROS-50

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This Olympia Water System reverse osmosis water filter is one of the best-rated ones out there and it is also within the mid-price range to make a good choice for most homes. The filter system helps to purify both well and tap water and it is also quite efficient as it uses a 50 gallon per day membrane and the design and size allow it to fit under-most sink cabinets. And the system will also come with a lead-free faucet.

The Best Water Filtration System Buying Guide

A water filtration is the best way to ensures that you always have fresh, clean and safe water for household use. But, all this is only true if you pick the best. And while our top 10 water filtration system reviews above will give you some idea of what to buy, it is still vital to consider the following points when picking between the different systems

Water Filtration Types

The first thing and one of the most essential to consider is the type of water filtration system to buy. And this is because there are various systems to pick from in the market. But basically, there are two types which are replaceable cartridge type and carbon tank models.
The carbon tanks systems are long lasting and they will require minimal maintenance and with many brands, you can use them for up to five years. Cartridge types of filtration systems, on the other hand, need more frequent replacement (after 6 to 12 months) but they are also relatively more affordable and also allow for customization when you want to target a particular problem or pollutant in the water.

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Water Flow Rate

As you shop- for your water filtration system it will be important to keep the water flow rate in mind. And this is because it determines the amount of clean and safe water that the system can deliver at any given time. The water flow rate will be measured in gallons per minute and the number of people in your house or water demand should guide you when deciding what to buy. But, also note that system with a high water flow rate will also be more expensive.

Micron Rating

The micron rating is a measure of the effectiveness of the water filtration system and so it is also an important factor to consider. And a simple rule is always to go for something with the lowest microns as it will capture even the tiniest particles and hence making your water safer.


You cannot overlook the price when buying a water filtration system as some can be quite pricey. But, the best thing about these systems is that there is always something out there that suits your budget. It is possible to get a simple or basic filtration system for under $100 but some such as the more advanced 7-stage ones will cost several hundred dollars. Hence you need to understand your needs and choose something that is not only at a reasonable price tag but also suits your budget.

A water filtration system is always a great purchase for your home as it will help ensure that everyone in the family has access to clean and safe water all the time. And, it is also a way much cheaper alternative to buying filtered water. But, it is important to make sure that you choose the best from the various options out there. By shopping around and comparing different bands and with our reviews and shopping guide above it should be easier for you to get an efficient and reliable water filtration system.

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