Top 10 Best Snowshoes in 2019 Reviews

Today, snowshoeing has garnered more popularity that ever. People are taking to the outdoors in the winter month and they do it for many reasons. Some do it as part of their job they love. You as a runner can keep in shape during the winter months and for cross-country hikers the trails you love in spring and summer are now completely changed and new adventures await you along these familiar venues. For those who wish to build up cardio health there is no better way to do it, but by strapping on a pair of snowshoes and heading across open fields covered in pristine snow. Today, for your perusal we have gathered together 10 of the best in snowshoes for men and women from this selection you can pick out the pair that will make your outdoor experience a lasting one. All are from the best in the business and you have the quality and features you want and need. So if you are planning to head out for hiking or working in the great outdoors

10. Tubbs Women’s Frontier Snowshoe

10. Tubbs Women's Frontier Snowshoe

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Here we have a unique snowshoe that has all the features that make for great walking on ice and snow. Biomechanically speaking, it follows your body’s movements and adjusts itself to any surface you encounter. Its teeth bite and release automatically while you move and the shoe drops off any snow buildup front and rear. An upturned toe means you don’t trudge across the tundra. Instead, you walk almost as comfortably as on a beach in Miami. We give the Tubbs snowshoe a 4.7 out 5 Stars to reflect our pleasure that someone has finally designed one for the women who love the outdoors.

9. Atlas Snowshoe Company Women’s Elektra Snowshoe

9. Atlas Snowshoe Company Women's Elektra Snowshoe

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Spring suspension ensures your comfort as you move across the frozen ground or dense snow. You walk easily and without strain. Hiking in the snow and ice becomes a breeze. Shaped for a woman’s foot it also has a rear that tapers to a point that lets the rear of the shoe be used to bite deep, which is great when you want them to be shed snow while hiking or an improvised digging tool to build snow shelters or dig yourself out if you sink into soft snow. The binding doesn’t constrict your movement and they are quick to remove and put on. We rate them at 4.3 out of 5 Stars.

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8. Atlas 11 Series Snowshoe – Men’s Pistachio 30IN

8. Atlas 11 Series Snowshoe - Men's Pistachio 30IN

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A snowshoe made for the man who needs to work outdoors or who enjoys the winter’s open air and freedom. You have a custom designed shape that permits comfortable and rapid movement over ice and snow. It allows you to plow through deep snow and the snow slides off so as not to weigh you down. You virtually glide across any winter terrain and you aren’t worn out fighting the snow. The Atlas suspension system sees to that and is famous for its comfort and support. The bindings keep the shoe snug and yet it allows free movement. We give it 4.6 Stars.

7. MSR Women’s Revo Explore Snowshoe

7. MSR Women's Revo Explore Snowshoe

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Don’t let the all plastic construction fool you. This is a serious woman’s snowshoe. Lightweight and shaped almost like an airfoil of a high-speed jet it whisks you across frozen ground and snow with ease. A ratchet system and set and forget binding lets you walk all day and leaves you invigorated instead of exhausted at the end of your hike. The shoe is modular and offers additional 5 in. end tails for soft snow and has the floatation ability as the smaller under shoe moves with you to ensure traction and Ergo Televators that engage with a quick flick of your pole grip eliminates fatigue and strain. All this adds up to a women’s snowshoe that comes in with 5 Stars.

6. Atlas Elektra 10 Series Snowshoe – Women’s

6. Atlas Elektra 10 Series Snowshoe - Women's

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V-frame shape makes this shoe is ergonomic and functional over the ice and snow that gets you anywhere you want to go. Atlas has pioneered Gender Specific wrappings. This means you have a perfect fit for your shape and size of your foot. You also deep snow ease of movement and no drag, which reduces fatigue and ensures great traction over any surface. Now you have the perfect Mountain Hiking shoe. You walk naturally and this means no calve cramping and shin splints at end of the day. Rated by us it gets 4.0out of 5 Stars.

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5. Tubbs Snowshoes Wilderness Snow Shoes

5. Tubbs Snowshoes Wilderness Snow Shoes

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Carbon steel teeth bite into the snow and ice under the ball of your foot. The aluminum frame makes for an almost weightless glide across both ice and snow with no loss of traction. 180 degree binding secures the snowshoe to your foot and ankle and yet allows free movement and ease of slipping it on and off. Finally Tubbs gives you their Fit-Step design for the frame that lets you walk over frozen and uneven surfaces in a normal manner and virtually takes impact stress out of the equation for Hiking and long distance walking. Add it all up and this show comes in it at 4.5 Stars.

4. Tubbs Women’s Xplore Snowshoe

4. Tubbs Women's Xplore Snowshoe

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Shaped in almost the traditional snowshoe shape you have the Tubbs Biomechanical movement that follows your foot’s movement and still keeps you with firm footing on snow and ice. The rear of the shoe sheds snow effortlessly and reduces your cardio strain and leg stress. Cramping and Charlie Horse pain is not a factor for the woman who wears these snowshoes, as she hikes across packed or soft powder. You stay buoyant as you move effortlessly toward your destination. 4.1 Stars make this a great shoe for functionality, comfort, and price.

3. MSR Women’s Lightning Ascent Snowshoe

3. MSR Women's Lightning Ascent Snowshoe

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360 degrees traction ensures your snowshoe grips and allows for ease of movement. It fits snugly and wouldn’t constrict or slow you down because of this show has independent AT bindings. Along with all of the above optional floatation tails gives you a wider area for deep and soft snow to prevent sinking. You have a narrow silhouette that not only give you a lightweight snowshoe but helps you reduce strain and pain. All in all this makes this snowshoe an exceptional one that we give a 4.5 Star score out of 5.

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2. RedFeather Men’s HIKE Recreational Series Snowshoe Kit with SV2 Bindings, Ski Poles and Carry Bag

2. RedFeather Men's HIKE Recreational Series Snowshoe Kit with SV2 Bindings, Ski Poles and Carry Bag

Amazon Price

This is a great deal for the newbie who wants to try their hand and cross country hiking on ice and snow. You get a great set of snowshoes that are made for ease and speed across ice and snow. Hinged at the tail they lift out of the snow to not weigh you down or induce fatigue. You have two rugged poles that provide stability and power that gives you a cardio workout that no home gym piece of equipment can match. You move across the snow almost without effort and we give this combo our blessing with 4.6 Stars.

1. MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoe

1. MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoe

Amazon Price

Another exciting entry from MSR, this great shoe has the MSR 360 degree traction frame that means you wouldn’t lose your footing no matter what type of snow you are traversing. AT binding make sure you snowshoe stays tightly attached to your snow boots and you will hardly know they are there as this shoe wouldn’t hinder you in the slightest. For a man who wants to build up their cardio by cross-country snowshoeing or hiking, you have the perfect shoe to accomplish your fitness goals. So, we are thrilled to award these snow shoes a 4.6 Star rating.

You’ve seen 10 of the best in snowshoes for both men and women from the best names in the field like Atlas, Tubbs, and MSR. These 10 different sets of snowshoes have options and features that make them ideal for snowshoeing and winter hiking. Professionals who have to work out of doors will appreciate the variety we have offered up as well because these shoes cater to the different styles of activities both pro and fun seeker are looking in a great pair of snowshoes. Your now only have to click on the ones that appeal to your needs and senses and from there, Amazon will have them at your door in just a short time. Winter is not a time to stay huddled indoors. Instead, start enjoying the winter and with a great pair of snowshoes that’s now possible with ease.

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