Top 10 Best Power Tile & Masonry Saws in 2019 Reviews

If you are a do-it-all 
remodeler or flooring specialist, a masonry saw should not miss from your toolbox. 
These machines are handy when it comes to making precise straight cuts; thanks 
to their powerful motors. They are also versatile, with a good number of them 
perfect for cutting porcelain, granite, concrete, stone, and tiles.

Well, it is because of 
their performance that many manufacturers have decided to venture into their 
production. And while this is good for the market, it can be bad news to you 
and quite confusing as far as getting the best tool is concerned. Therefore, to 
help you out, we have decided to make a compilation of the best masonry saws on 
the market. Have a look at our best power tile & masonry saws in 2019 

List the Best Power Tile & Masonry Saws in Reviews

#1. Makita 
4-3/8-Inch Masonry Saw (4100NH)

1. Makita 
4-3/8-Inch Masonry Saw (4100NH)

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Whether you want to cut 
tiles, stone or concrete, the Makita 4100NH model is the unit to go for. It is 
powerful and can be relied on to complete even the hardest jobs. Moreover, it 
cuts up to 1-3/8” plus it is double insulated for optimum performance.

  • The unit 
weighs only 6 pounds to ensure less operator fatigue.
  • It is easy to adjust to 
allow for accurate cutting.
  • It enables the masonry saw 
to perform on even the hardest tasks.
  • It protects the 
masonry saw.


  • Perfect for concrete pavers
  • The tool cuts with much ease
  • Machine is easier to handle
  • Masonry saw is lightweight


  • The masonry saw is a bit rugged in the 
hand, but this does not affect its performance.

#2. MK 
Diamond 10-Inch Tile Saw (169612)

2. MK 
Diamond 10-Inch Tile Saw (169612)

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Designed for cutting 
marble, tile, and porcelain, the MK Diamond 10-Inch Tile Saw (169612) is the 
unit to go for. Its high torque motor is thermally protected and blade shaft 
bearing permanently lubricated to spare you the hassle of having to maintain it 
every now and then.

  • It allows 
for plunge cuts.
  • They let you cut several sizes without much hassle.
  • It allows for 
effortless removal of the blade.
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  • Saw works well
  • The tool is well built
  • The unit is easy to assemble
  • Saw makes repeatable cuts


  • The tile saw is quite expensive, but you 
get what you pay for.

#3. QEP 
24-Inch Tile Saw (60020SQ), Dual Speed Tile Saw with Water Pump and Folding Stand

3. QEP 
24-Inch Tile Saw (60020SQ), Dual Speed Tile Saw with Water Pump and Folding Stand

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If you like precision cutting, then all you should look for is the QEP 24-Inch Tile Saw (60020SQ). It 
has a functional rip that cuts tiles up to 24-by-24 inches square as well as 
cuts them diagonally up to 14-by-14 inches. This tool is also versatile and can 
be used to cut porcelain, stone, granite, and masonry products.

  • 2 HP motor: It enables the tool to 
handle even the toughest jobs.
  • High volume water pump: It protects the 
diamond blades.
  • Versatile functionality: The tool is 
ideal for cutting granite, porcelain, marble, and other masonry products.


  • Saw is versatile
  • Tool has amazing power
  • Cuts beautifully and smoothly


  • Instructions are incomprehensible, but 
this should not be an issue, as there are clear instructions on the Internet.

#4. MK 
Diamond 7-Inch Wet Cutting Tile Saw (MK-370EXP)

4. MK 
Diamond 7-Inch Wet Cutting Tile Saw (MK-370EXP)

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The MK Diamond 
MK-370EXP model is light and portable to make sure it is easy to handle. 
Ideally, it is powerful enough and boasts top quality features such as 
innovative cutting head and high torque motor. If you want to make your work quick and easy, this is the unit to go for.

  • Allows you to cut 
outlets and other openings quickly and easily.
  • It 
allows for accurate cutting.
  • It makes blade 
changes and maintenance inspection a breeze.
  • It cuts tiles up to 
18 inches and diagonally up to 13 inches.


  • Tool is reliable and high quality
  • Perfect for DIY projects
  • Makes smooth and precise cuts


  • The tile saw needs regular maintenance; 
otherwise, it will not meet the expectations.

#5. Lackmond 
7” Tile Saw (BEAST7), BEAST Professional 13 Amp Wet Tile Saw

5. Lackmond 
7” Tile Saw (BEAST7), BEAST Professional 13 Amp Wet Tile Saw

Amazon Price
Lackmond makes top 
quality products. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the BEAST7 Tile Saw 
is one of its products. This unit is designed to withstand the hardest and most 
extreme conditions. Plus it guarantees lifetime performance and optimum 

  • It rotates to 
allow for 45-degree and 22.5-degree bevel cuts.
  • Allows you to easily 
make V-Cap cuts.
  • It offers total 
control over the volume and placement of water hitting blade.
  • It protects against 
original defects.


  • The tool is easy to use
  • Saw is amazingly durable
  • Tool gives a straight cut
  • The unit is backed by a 3-year warranty
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  • Saw may have a winding sound when 
turning off the motor, but this does not mean it will stop working soon.

4-3/8-Inch Masonry Saw (DWC860W)

4-3/8-Inch Masonry Saw (DWC860W)

Amazon Price
At only 6.6 pounds, the 
DEWALT 4-2/8-Inch Masonry Saw is lightweight to allow for easy use. Additionally, 
it is designed with convenience in mind and can cut both wet and dry materials. 
Plus it boasts a powerful motor, which allows it to offer precision cuts. Use 
the DEWALT DWC860W model to cut through concrete, porcelain, and granite.

  • It brings in the 
much-needed ergonomics.
  • It provides protection 
against labor and parts.
  • It provides a 
guideline on how to use the tool.
  • It protects the 
masonry saw from contamination.
  • It minimizes user 


  • Great for the price
  • Super versatile
  • Works on both wet and dry masonry 
  • Tool is easy to use


  • The manufacturer should consider 
improving the design of the water valve. Otherwise, the saw works great.

#7. Husqvarna 
967181002 14-Inch Cut-Off Saw

7. Husqvarna 
967181002 14-Inch Cut-Off Saw

Amazon Price
Husqvarna knows what 
you want and it gives you just that; the Husqvarna 96718100214 model. This unit 
is gas powered, meaning it does not require frequent maintenance. It is also 
eco-friendly and you will like it for this. Besides, the Husqvarna 967181002 
14-Inch Cut-Off Saw does not vibrate a lot, thereby, allowing you to only focus 
on your work and not the vibration.

  • It improves the 
performance of the tool.
  • It filters 
air to allow for smooth performance.
  • It protects against 
parts and labor.


  • The saw works great
  • The cut-off saw has high power
  • Tool does not vibrate a lot


  • The saw is quite pricey, but it is worth 

10-Inch Tile Saw (D24000 1.5-Horsepower)

10-Inch Tile Saw (D24000 1.5-Horsepower)

Amazon Price
The DEWALT 10-Inch Tile 
Saw is made to make your work much easier than ever before. And it is the go-to 
product for do-it-all remodelers and flooring specialists. Ideally, it is 
versatile and powerful enough to be relied on even when it comes to tackling 
seemingly arduous tasks.

  • It produces enough power to 
allow you to cut through tough materials with much ease.
  • It lets you 
make quick and easy plunge cuts.
  • It ensures 
ultimate precision.
  • They are adjustable 
to control water.


  • The tile saw makes great cuts
  • Tool is super versatile
  • Very easy to set up and use


  • The tile saw may arrive with a few 
defects, but the manufacturer always takes care of this.

#9. Skil 
7-Inch Tile Saw (3550-02) with HydroLock Water Containment System

9. Skil 
7-Inch Tile Saw (3550-02) with HydroLock Water Containment System

Amazon Price
Do you have bigger 
projects to take care of? Then all you should go for is the Skil 7-Inch Tile 
Saw. It is innovative and comes with a 7” diamond blade to help you get the job 
done as fast as possible. The unit is also flexible and perfect for making 
different types of cuts.

  • It has a 
rust-resistant surface to ensure ultimate durability.
  • It has a miter 
gauge to ensure precise straight cuts.
  • It offers 
support for tiles up to 18-by-18 inches.
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  • Great for the price
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty
  • Works exceptionally well with glass 


  • The tool tends to spew a wet mist that 
can soak your shirt, but you can prevent this by putting on a rubber apron when 
using it.

#10. SKIL 7-Inch Tile Saw (3540-02)

10. SKIL 7-Inch Tile Saw (3540-02)

Amazon Price
Meet the Skil 3540-02 
model! This unit has a cross cut capacity of 7.75 inches and a diagonal cut 
capacity of 7.25 inches. Additionally, it features an innovative bevel that 
cuts from 0 to 45 degrees. The Skil 7-Inch Tile Saw (3540-02) is without a 
doubt the best tool for homeowners on a budget.

  • It keeps water cool.
  • It is corrosive-resistant 
and supports tiles up to 12-by-12 inches.
  • It provides 
protection against manufacturer’s defects.
  • It allows for smooth 
cutting every time.


  • Price is unbeatable
  • Saw is very easy to clean
  • The machine is durable


  • The saw is small, but this does not 
affect its performance.

How to choose the Best 
Power Tile & Masonry Saw

The following are what 
to consider when choosing a power tile/masonry saw:

  • It 
is the performance of the motor that determines the overall functionality of a 
power tile/masonry saw. For this reason, make sure you only consider those 
masonry machines that have high torque motors.
  • This matters 
a lot and should not be overlooked. Brands such as DEWALT, SKIL, MAKITA, and 
Husqvarna are worth buying from because they make top quality products. 
Ideally, most of these manufacturers stand behind their products by providing 
friendly customer service as well as tangible warranties.
No one wants a tool that will cut a single stick wall tile and then fail to 
function. Worst of all, it is very difficult to identify a poorly made or 
defective tool before you use it. As such, try to buy masonry saws that are 
backed by warranties and guarantees.

Yes, those are the best 
power tile & masonry saws you will ever come across on the market today. 
They are durable and have powerful motors that enable them to exceed 
expectations. They are also from notable brands, meaning their chances of 
disappointing you are close to zero. Grab one today and enjoy cutting stick 
wall tiles, granite, stone, and porcelain, among others.

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