Top 10 Best Electronic Organizers for Travel in 2019 Reviews

Electronic Organizers can be used for traveling or keeping some electronics in place. If you use an electronic organizer in the right way, you will make your life easy. Despite the type of gadget that you own, an organizer will help you keep them all in the right place. A good electronic organizer will have a space for keeping adapters, cables, chargers, power banks and even a laptop if you have one. With a good electronic organizer in place, you will keep all things organized. Make sure that the cost of the organizer that you want to buy is friendly to your pocket. With that in mind below are best electronic organizers for travel in reviews that we have selected for you.

Checkout the Best the Best Electronic Organizers for Travel

#1. BUBM Double Layer Organizer

1. BUBM Double Layer Organizer

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It is two layered electronic organizer that is made for simple electronics that you may have. It is a made of a nylon layer that is made to separate different gadgets from mixing with each other. With this electronic organizer, you will have a place where you will put your headphones, cables and other small things like flash disks. With its flexible and durable inner cover, you will have maximum protection all the gadgets that you will be carrying in your electronic organizer. The good thing with this electronic organizer, it can fit even your 7.9 inches mini iPad. It is also good to start that while carrying this organizer; your electronics will be protected using a heavy duty layer.


  • Gives enough protection
  • It is of high quality
  • Easy to use and carry along
  • Can be used in several applications


  • Some compartments may have total zipped zippers
  • The zipper may come off if not used gently

#2. BAGSMART Travel Cable Organizer

2. BAGSMART Travel Cable Organizer

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BAGSMART Travel Cable Organizer is made for official use. It is made very durable a long lasting heavy duty material for total protection. The design is amazing, and it is made in a way that keeps all the accessories in place to prevent them accidentally falling a corroding with each other. Its size is big enough to carry some of your small accessories. The good thing with this cable organizer it can fit in your traveling bag or even handbag. While carrying it, you will never fear to move from one place to place with it because it is waterproof. It is made like a case that is easy to carry and protect your electronics from dust.

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  • Good for official use
  • Very light in weight
  • Easy for packing
  • Waterproof


  • It has somehow short straps
  • Its stitching can come off very fast if not used well

#3. Amatory Electronics Travel Bag Organizer

3. Amatory electronics travel bag organizer

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Amatory electronics travel bag organizer is made for keeping all your electronic gadgets in one place for easy retrieval. It is good for long distance traveling where you are not sure what will happen on the way. The storage space in this organizer will fit even your laptop if you happen to have one. The amazing thing with this organizer, all the pockets, and compartments are separated thus preventing things from mixing up. It also comes with dividers that are padded thus adjustable for easy carrying and traveling. Once you buy it, you have the chance to return and get your money back if you do not like. That will happen with one month using their 30 days money return.


  • It is an all in one organizer
  • It is adjustable and easy to use
  • It is a good water repellant
  • It is large with large storage room


  • Zippers are of low quality
  • Some pockets may lack zippers

#4. BUBM Cable Bag and USB Drive Organizer

4. BUBM Cable Bag and USB Drive Organizer

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BUBM Cable Bag and USB Drive Organizer are made in a way that will serve you for long. With its long lasting and heavy duty material, you will get services that you need from such organizer. It has several small compartments that are made to hold all types of items that you have. The nylon material in it makes it waterproof and thus nice for all weather traveling. The covers that make this organizer are also flexible thus making if good for items of different sizes. It is light in weight -0.13 lb. If you are carrying small items, you will be protected with a zipper that you can use to close the pockets.


  • It has a warranty of one year
  • Well made to keep your items secure
  • Padded well to hold all gadgets in place
  • Made of heavy-duty materials


  • Not big enough for adapters
  • It is elastic thus does not keep electronics in place

#5. BUBM Double Layer Travel Gadget and Electronics Organizer

5. BUBM double layer travel gadget and electronics organizer

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BUBM double layer travel gadget and electronics organizer is made using waterproof and durable material that is meant to last longer than any other electronic organizer. It has a Length of 10.7 inches by a width of 8 inches by a height of 1 inch. It also has a handle which makes it easy to carry and move around with it. For the excellent protection of your gadgets, it is made the cover which is flexible and waterproof. It also has a zipper that can be used to ensure that your items are safe. With its big space, you can use it to carry all types of items that you have. It has a space that can even accommodate items that are 10 inches long.


  • Can be used for carrying cosmetics
  • It is customizable
  • More than ten loops for different items
  • Covers are flexible


  • Not big enough for bigger items
  • Not good for heavy items
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#6. BUBM Smok Vape Electronic Organizer

6. BUBM smok vape electronic organizer

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BUBM smok vape electronic organizer is made in an easy way to carry either in your hand, or you can put it in your bag for better portability. It is well made to fit all occasions including hiking and camping. If you are going for a vacation, you will have all the security that you need to protect your gadgets from spoiling. All of them will be protected by a waterproof nylon layer which is also included all-round the organizer. Though it can not be good enough to carry large items like iPad air, it can be suitable for carrying all types of accessories. It weighs about 0.7lb. Meaning it’s not such heavy.


  • Good for camping and hiking
  • Big enough for all accessories
  • Can carry all types of items both big and small
  • Has three dividers which are padded


  • Picture is overrated
  • Has some compartments which are too small

#7. BUBM Universal Double Layer Storage Bag Organizer

7. BUBM universal double layer storage bag organizer

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With a weight of 0.62 lb. and a length of 11 by 8.3 inches width and 2 inches high, you will get one of the best organizers in the market. It has nylon layer for preventing entry of water thus making your gadgets secure. The good thing about it is that it can be used to carry big devices like cameras and even smartphones. If you also happen to have an iPad, of any kind, you have a padded pocket that will fit all types of iPad. It is an organizer that can be used for all types of items that I include health kit for your baby. It is good to secure all types of items that you may be carrying in your electronic organizer.


  • Can be used carry your baby kit
  • Can carry your iPad too
  • Durable and good for keeping your items
  • Good for traveling


  • The zipper is may sag after some time
  • Made for small, lightweight items

#8. BUBM Universal Double Gear Organizer

8. BUBM universal double gear organizer

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BUBM universal double gear organizer is made with all the materials that make it durable and good for keeping your items well. With its good made shape, it is made of a nylon that is waterproofing to keep your item protected from socking. If you need a flexible organizer for all seasons, then this is the best for you. The two layers of it make strong to more items and keep them safe. It has a special pocket that will let you carry your pad. Due to its big size, it is enough to carry up to a ten-inch device. You can put it in your laptop bag while traveling for a vacation or even camp.


  • Gives amazing protection
  • Has padded compartments and pockets
  • Made well for durability
  • Has a strong zipper for closing it


  • Not big enough for mini iPad
  • Not good for heavy items

#9. BAGSMART Electronics Organizer for Universal Cable Accessories

9. BAGSMART electronics organizer for universal cable accessories

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BAGSMART electronics organizer for universal cable accessories is made to hold all the items that can be less than 10.2 inches long, 7.9 inches in width and a height of 2.4 inches. It is also 26 grams in weight and very durable. The durability is enhanced by a double zipper and a waterproofing inner layer of nylon. All these three features make your organizer safe and ready to use at all times. The size of this organizer also gives it another star. It can be used to carry from small objects to big ones like adapters and power banks. It can be used for all types of activities from camping to business use.

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  • It is comfortable
  • Very durable and long lasting
  • Big enough to hold your items
  • Very light in weight


  • Too big for those who have fewer gadgets
  • A bit expensive

#10. ATailorBird Electronic Organizer

10. ATailorBird Electronic Organizer

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The ATailorBird Electronic Organizer is designed with two layers which are separated with a zipper that can be used to close them. It has a room which is big enough to carry many types of electronics and your makeup. It has the foam that is thick to absorb any shock which may lead breaking your iPad or phone. The nylon layer on the inside of this organizer protects your gadgets from both rain and dust. In addition, it has many compartments that are used for holding and keeping all types of electronic gadget. You can carry your electronic organizer by hand or even put it on a handbag. Once you buy it, you will get your money back after 40 days if you do not like it.


  • You get a warranty that lasts for 18 months
  • Designed with lightweight features
  • It is compact but spacious
  • Shockproof


  • Only fits small iPads
  • The zipper may fail to work

Buying Guide for the Best Electronic Organizers for Travel

When you need the best electronic organizers for travel, you need some features that will help you pick an organizer that will serve you well. The following features will help in deciding on the best organizer for your upcoming journey.


Make sure the material that is used to make the organizer is durable, and it can last for some time. Make sure you look the fabric that is strong and durable.


The appearance of your electronic organizer will depend a lot on where you want to go. You may choose from all types of colors that come with the electronic organizers.


Electronic organizers come in different sizes. The size of electronic organizer you want to buy will depend on the number of tools that you will buy. You can decide to buy a small, medium or a bigger electronic organizer.

Number of layers

Some electronic organizers come with more than two layers. Each layer is made for different application and use. When buying an electronic organizer, you need to consider the layers that make it.

With the above Best Electronic Organizers for Travel in Reviews, you will have all the knowledge that you need to buy an electronic organizer, which will fit your needs. Always look at the pros and cons that will help you decide on the type of an electronic organizer that will meet your needs.

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