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Asking ‘What if?’ as a Writing Prompt…

I’ve been getting back into creative writing and I remembered this great exercise to kick-start story ideas. When you think about it, every story has a ‘what if’ question at its core- a catalyst for the action. In Science Fiction the ‘what if’s are especially obvious and they often revolve around a moral or technological conundrum pushed to its logical […]

(Thursday) Doors of Perception

Did you know some people are door enthusiasts? (No neither did I until I stumbled on Thursday Doors). But I can attest to the charm of unusual entryways, having frequently paused to capture picturesque portals on camera: These are some of my favourites from the North West of Ireland, including some secret passages to (k)nowhere. I’ve found portals inviting and full of intrigue, […]

Inspiring Speakers- featuring Writers and Performance Artists

Most of us will never attend a Ted Talk , but there are still plenty of opportunities to see inspiring speakers live. Here’s my ‘claim to fame’ list of Inspiring Speakers from the fields literature and contemporary arts.


A writer and artist in recovery…?

In my blog manifesto, I mentioned being a writer and artist in ‘recovery’, ostensibly from my time spent as craft entrepreneur.  It was one of the most painful episodes in my life, culminating in depression and crippling anxiety. Like Matt Haig said in his essay on depression and Christmas– “Depression often occurs when it looks […]

Brand vs Indentity- Can Labels Hurt?

I recently wrote about the difficulties of finding a name; for your self,  your online projects or even your business venture. Following on, I wanted to discuss one of the aspects I found hardest about working as a freelance creative, namely building a brand, and how extremely limiting that can be. Most books like ‘Brand You‘ are all […]

Geen Geenie – What’s in a name?

Names, like titles, are a tricky business. Some come easy while others are head-scratchers, like ‘what do I call my blog?’ Feeling disillusioned after writing as an indie craft ‘brand‘, I really wanted Geen Geenie to have a more personal voice that allowed me to be true to myself. So the name of the blog […]

Where are you from-Spaceman Cambridge Street Performer

About being Different – ‘Where are you from?’

Firstly let me say in some places, it’s not very hard to be ‘different’. In the extremely white small town I grew up in because I was swarthy and tanned as a kid, I got called ‘Half-cast’, ‘Chinky’, and later ‘French’. Simply because my skin was yellow-toned rather than the typical milk-bottle white. This is anecdotal […]

my blog manifesto- taking no shit selfie

Blogging Manifesto- or how and why I blog

A while ago I asked You! Why do You Blog? and I talked about my own blogging history. As a result I discovered Beached Librarian’s posts about ‘blogging rules for success’ and why she doesn’t stick to them. We share a similar outlook, and I tested these ‘rules’ to try to define Geen Geenie. Responding to these categories helped me consider how […]

Footprints in the sand - vs internet foot prints

On internet foot-prints: content pesistence, reputation and virtual debris

Have you ever considered your internet foot-print ?  Few grasped in the early days of the internet that web content can persist indefinitely.  I wrote recently about my history as a blogger, and while a few old blogs of mine are still out there, I’ve taken many other sites and profiles down over time. The current advice for online entrepreneurs is to have a […]

why do you blog- illustrated selfie

You! Why do you Blog?

Although GeenGeenie is just over a year old I’ve been a blogger for over a decade. Sometimes personal, other times professional, I’ve written blog content both for myself and for others. And I’ve even written anonymously – back in the early days when you still could. My reasons for blogging have changed over the years, but […]

Note book addiction

My Note Book Addiction

I read somewhere that you know you’re a writer if you collect notebooks. And I’ve kept notebooks, sketchbooks and diaries going back decades now. However I’ve only recently begun caring what these books look like. I used black spiral bound notebooks for years almost exclusively so I could tear out any offending pages, saving special notebooks ‘for good’ (meaning I’d never […]

Flash Fiction Book 1

Words and Pictures – New Project

I’m working on a writing project I promised myself a while back and now it makes sense for it to see the light of day. I just hope I’ve not given myself too tight a deadline. Between 2009-2012 I wrote intermittently for the flash fiction site ElephantWords.co.uk,  amassing around 50 short stories in total. Not all of […]

Irish kids comics- Alan Nolan

Alan Nolan’s Graphic Novels for kids

In keeping with my ‘Everything Irish’ theme this week I’m pleased to announce my interview with writer and artist Alan Nolan, the hot new talent from O’Brien Press, is currently featured on the Inis Magazine website brought to you by Children’s Books Ireland.  It was a pleasure to interview Alan for Inis Magazine, not only he […]

lana del rey- fact or fiction

The fact or fiction of Lana Del Ray

By now you’ve probably heard of Lana Del Ray. My first encounter was online where a blogger was musing on whether they’d have embraced her music if they’d seen what she’d looked like first. That isn’t to say Ms Del Ray isn’t beautiful, quite the opposite, she’s almost impossibly so. Describing herself as a “gangsta […]

Bare Essentials-Best of Nude Magazine- Review

Best of Nude

I first discovered Nude magazine in 2005. I was working in the Southwark area of London and tucked away behind Waterloo station, on Lower Marsh just off The Cut is a super cool little retro shop called ‘Radio Days’. This is where I picked up my first square bound copy of Nude, it was in […]