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A BRIT-POP of Colour from butter LONDON

Recently Butter LONDON were kind enough to send me some products to review (lady’s choice) after I raved about their polish and lip-gloss I bought online. I was excited to try more of their cool quirky line in cosmetics, so I chose a ‘Cheeky’ cream blush, matte lipstick ‘Lippy’ and ‘Wink’ liquid eye-liner for my […]

Spring shoes-clog love

My Clog collection!

Last year I became clog obsessed and started a small collection. I thought it would be fun to compare the clogs I actually got, to my wish list here.  So without further ado this is my wooden soled clog collection, all from Lotta from Stockholm : I have two pairs of low-heel mary jane sandals in red /nubuck, one pair […]

butter london - Spring nails and Vamp lips

Spring Nails and Vampy Lips from Butter London

It’s the little things that I’ve been living for lately (like glittery nails), and a surprise gift from a friend prompted me to check out Butter London where I got myself some treats in their sale. My friend Chiaki and I share a fondness for Bowie best described as reverent, (lol) and things of a glam […]

Easy on the Eyes- Book review-Benefit

Easy on the Eyes by Lisa Potter-Dixon Book Review

Easy on the Eyes is a make-up tutorial book from Lisa Potter-Dixon, head make-up and trend artist for Benefit cosmetics. A great marketing exercise for the brand, as the prominent product photos used throughout are almost entirely by Benefit. Aimed at make-up novices and those who’ve never experimented with their techniques,  the premise of Easy on […]

Top 5 beauty books 2016

Five Fabulous Beauty Books – Current Reading List

My current reading list features five new sparkly beauty book releases. While I concede the Kate Bush tome is not technically a ‘beauty’ book, it might as well be for all the gorgeous photos of La Bush rocking big hair and sultry 80’s eye make-up. She’s one of my all time beauty idols for sure! I adore books with lavish photos and illustrations. I […]

Bald Rose McGowan- video

Rose McGowan Pop Video or Performance art?

Rose McGowan was a late 90’s bombshell. You might remember her as Shannen Doherty’s replacement on Charmed. Lately she’s become a singer with a video to rival Lady Gaga that opens with her quoting Rutger Hauer’s famous speech from Bladerunner…. Say What now??? Click here to see the video for Rose’s debut song ‘RM486’ Who is this again? Maybe you remember Rose Mc Gowan as […]

The 70s via the 90s

Lately…according to Instagram – 70’s Ninties’ style

Lately according to Instagram I’ve been loving a little 70’s style  – Clockwise from Top left: Black peep toe clogs from Lotta’s/ Ring from Indiska thanks to Swedish friend Chiaki/ A very seventies via the 90’s style floral with red Mary-Jane Lottas/ Denim jacket with 90’s Tv show memorabilia by Bunny Miele. I’m especially fond of the 70’s seen via […]

Twin Peaks-Great Northern Knitwear

Twin Peaks inspired Knitwear by Great Northern Knits

If like me you love Twin Peaks, 90s fashion and cool knitwear you might be as excited as I was to learn of Great Northern Knits. Recently Teresa Gregorio contacted me about sharing my Twin Peaks fabric designs on her new blog. To my great pleasure it turns out Teresa is knitwear designer who along […]

Penny Dreadful inspired Jewellery

Penny Dreadful inspired Jewellery Wishlist

So Penny Dreadful, who’s been watching? If you haven’t seen it I’ll sum up by saying its basically a gothic take on Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, where a whole host of literary characters like Dorian Gray and Victor Frankenstein co-mingle with gothic archetypes such as werewolves, witches and vampires, and the action revolves around original character Miss Vanessa […]


How not to dye your hair purple

Let this serve as a lesson to me about the difference between can and should. After a period of feeling disappointed with blonde hair I took the plunge and died my hair red. It’s been a light orangey copper shade, (not a pillar box red which I’ve had before) and I’ve been really enjoying it. I have […]

Gem stone crystal rings

Lately…according to my Instagram- Gemstone Jewellery

My Instagram feed in recent weeks has been filled with jewellery! I can’t get enough of the witchy/indie/ boho vibe: I adored crystal pendants, mood rings and anything with a crescent moon on it back in the 90’s. Now charms on chokers and gemstones on leather cords are all the rage again and it makes my […]

Clog Love -Lotta From Stockholm

New Obsession- Clogs!

I haven’t had a proper shoe obsession in a while now. In my teens it was DM boots (Doc Martins), and in my twenties I had a thing for cowboy boots. I’ve had flings with vintage shoes, pumps and platforms, but this year my eyes have been opened to clogs! I blame Swedish Blogger in […]

Favourite Instagram Feeds

Five of my Favourite Instagram Fan feeds

Instagram is more than just a place for snapshots of everyday life. I really enjoy following feeds that post regularly on some kind of theme. I call these ‘fan feeds’ where account holders post pictures of their favourite obsession. The possibilities for these feeds are endless and I enjoy a daily burst of seeing things that inspire me, and should I […]

Red wash out dye on Blonde hair

Blonde but not really feeling it

Do Blondes really have more fun? Lately I’ve not been feeling it. I managed to postpone my ‘new year hair wobble’ until february this year when full of anxiety and self-doubt I dyed it brown – my uncertainty colour. I had instant ‘dyer’s remorse’ and spent spring gradually lightening it to the ash blonde I had […]

Grunge Jewellery for Witches and Goths

Gemstone Jewellery for Witches and Goths

I have recently discovered some gorgeously original gothic gemstone jewellery on Instagram . Witches and Wicca are back in vogue like it’s 1995, and these indie shops with their hand-made and custom designs have more than a little magic and mysticism about them. Introduced in order of affordability from impulse (buy now), to splurge (pay-day) and savor (save up for!) […]

Pink Holiday Hair

Pink Holiday Hair & Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and welcome to my first post of 2015, I thought I’d celebrate by sharing some pics of my pink Holiday Hair! I’m notorious for making terrible hair decisions in January. I don’t know if it’s because my winter S.A.D is in full swing but I often feel down around Xmas and New Year resulting […]

JP Gaultier Exhibition review

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier at the Barbican London

I was lucky enough to catch ‘From SideWalk to CatWalk the fashion world of Jean Paul Gaultier’ exhibition at the Barbican Gallery during a recent  trip to London. Photography was permitted and I wish I’d my ‘big camera’ with me. Turns out the exhibition was simply too good not to attempt to document with my iphone. Check out […]

Game of Thrones exhibition – Belfast

Argh! There is only one more episode of Game of Thrones left and this season has really been hotting up. Will any more of my favourite characters die? And who will be sitting on the Iron Throne this time next year I wonder?! Could it be me?- mwhahaha ha! To help sweeten the blow of […]

Bowie Is-Exhibition review

Bowie Is…a part of me

After much anticipation, I finally got to the extremely popular ‘Bowie is’ exhibition at the V&A London. In reality it showcases a fraction of Bowie’s out put, his early years are well covered but after the shock and awe of the 1970’s, the mid to late 80’s are thin on the ground, and of the 90’s […]

GeekyTee-Shirt Week

T-shirt Week

If you’re a fan of illustration and design then T-shirt art is something you probably love. I’m inspired every day by work I see on sites like Tee fury and Redbubble. There’s some great stuff on the high street too. I love that T-shirt art is a way to proclaim your fandom. So here’s a little peek into […]