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(Thursday) Doors of Perception

Did you know some people are door enthusiasts? (No neither did I until I stumbled on Thursday Doors). But I can attest to the charm of unusual entryways, having frequently paused to capture picturesque portals on camera: These are some of my favourites from the North West of Ireland, including some secret passages to (k)nowhere. I’ve found portals inviting and full of intrigue, […]

Travel Blog- Grand Days out in Glasgow

Glasgow is fast becoming one of my favourite cities to visit. It’s compactly cosmopolitan and has a rich heritage in the arts and sciences which makes for inspiring places to visit. This year I explored the nooks and crannies of the Hunterian Collections at Glasgow University and strolled through the glass-houses of the 200-year-old Botanic Gardens. I love Victorian […]

Emergency Spinal surgery-post op recovery

Emergency Spinal Surgery and Post-op recovery

So,  my life took a dramatic turn recently. An MRI scan investigating my chronic back pain picked up a dangerously displaced disc pressing on some vital nerves… I wish you could see my MRI images, black and white x-rays showing horizontal and vertical cross-sections of my spine. Every single medical professional that laid eyes on them reacted the same way. Basically with a “Uh-oh. That’s […]

Top 5 beauty books 2016

Five Fabulous Beauty Books – Current Reading List

My current reading list features five new sparkly beauty book releases. While I concede the Kate Bush tome is not technically a ‘beauty’ book, it might as well be for all the gorgeous photos of La Bush rocking big hair and sultry 80’s eye make-up. She’s one of my all time beauty idols for sure! I adore books with lavish photos and illustrations. I […]

Best of 2015- Geen Genie

My Top Five Blog Posts of 2015

Here are my Top Five most popular posts of 2015 based on my WordPress review of the year. They are pretty varied and not what I would have expected but I’m glad to have spotlighted some things that I loved last year. 1  Book Review: A is for Amos, An Illustrated musical A to Z by Daria Hlazatova July 2015 […]

Orange is the new Black- last of the summer

Life Lately… Orange is the New Black

Lately according to my Instagram gallery I’m drawn to all shades of rust, red, copper, orange and ochre: Clockwise from Top Left: Bringing the last of the summer in from the garden, orange Irish wildflower Montbretia (Crocosmia)/ Whose been sleeping in my bed? My ginger tabby Sam / And so it begins, the first of the […]

Crystals and Gems photo collection

Life Lately…Crystal Gazing

Lately according to Instagram I’ve been going crazy for crystals. It started with my getting  back into jewellery, now I like having them around me all the time: Clockwise from Top left: I’m wearing my handmade ‘downward spiral’ fossil necklace, hematite wand, and rainbow-moonstone cross/ Miniature specimen jars catch the sunlight on my window sill/ Detail close-up […]

Clogs- riverside reds photo series

Life Lately…Riverbank Reds

Lately according to Instagram I’ve been seeing red! Especially along the river bank… Top right going clockwise: My Red Mary Jane Clogs from Lotta from Stockholm /Graffiti covered by wild ivy/Detail of Rosebay Willow Herb/ Red bamboo-like stems of the Himalayan Balsam (Jumping Jack). I love to walk by the river and my clogs have been […]

photography Sycamore Helicopters- summer greens

Life Lately…Summer Greens

Looking back over my Instagram lately I’m seeing a lot of green. It’s been a long wet summer so far, with what feels like endless rain. Now that I live in the woods and have a back yard of my own I’ve developed a budding interest in wildflowers and botany. Clockwise from top left: Raindrops on overgrown […]

Sleepy Barn owl - photo by Bridgeen Gillespie

“The Owls are not what they seem” at World Of Owls- Antrim

Enigmatic and symbolic Owls are embedded in our popular consciousness, whether your first exposure was through Harry Potter or Greek myth, Twin Peaks (where the owls are not what they seem!) or The Labyrinth, I’m sure you’ll agree they are fantastic creatures.  Actually, real owls are awesome so World of Owls was a definite must see… I’ve […]


Life Lately…Mysterious Monochrome

My Instagram feed recently featured some mysterious monochrome photographs, some of which are truly vintage while others simply pretend for effect. Meanwhile some shadows don’t need any editing at all! I love the soft tones of aging photographs, and it’s always a joy for me to play at recreating them digitally. Clockwise left to right: My father in […]

The Green Cat

Life Lately…Summer

Lately according to my Instagram feed I’ve been hotly anticipating summer. At almost halfway through June we are approaching mid-summer but I can’t deny the voice in my head is still crying out ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ Summer so far has meant dandelion season and blue skies that belie chilly days. Also rapeseed blossom on the way home […]

Favourite Instagram Feeds

Five of my Favourite Instagram Fan feeds

Instagram is more than just a place for snapshots of everyday life. I really enjoy following feeds that post regularly on some kind of theme. I call these ‘fan feeds’ where account holders post pictures of their favourite obsession. The possibilities for these feeds are endless and I enjoy a daily burst of seeing things that inspire me, and should I […]

Flash Fiction Book 1

Words and Pictures – New Project

I’m working on a writing project I promised myself a while back and now it makes sense for it to see the light of day. I just hope I’ve not given myself too tight a deadline. Between 2009-2012 I wrote intermittently for the flash fiction site ElephantWords.co.uk,  amassing around 50 short stories in total. Not all of […]


Gothic Glasgow

Cemeteries are strange places, they have their own kind of architecture. Odd little houses and beds for the dead that are quite archaic . On a recent visit to Scotland I visited two very character full graveyards indeed, Blackfriars Kirkyard Edinburgh and the Necropolis in Glasgow. Here’s a little of what I saw: I love Victorian cemeteries best, they are […]

Travel Blog- Scottish City Breaks

While on a recent break in Scotland, Edinburgh won me over with its Old Town, quirky shops, Medieval castle and Victorian streets, while Glasgow wowed me with art,  universities and a very grand graveyard – the Necropolis!  I’d reservations about Scotland due to personal baggage, but this time the place won me over. My biggest regret is now not […]


Crewel Hope – A non- traditional embroidery installation

For designer maker collective MAK9 ‘s ‘Draw on the Walls’ exhibition I created a non-traditional site specific embroidery for installation.  The themes of my work include an awareness of religious, socioeconomic and gender politics, with embroidery as a traditionally female ‘domestic’ art. The title is inspired by Jacobean embroidery techniques popular during *Lundy’s lifetime. (*Lundy is burned […]