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Jen Gloeckner -Vine-Album Review

Music- Jen Gloeckner – Review ‘Vine’

Is this the Summer album you are looking for? Out of the blue I was invited to review Jen Gloeckner’s new release Vine. Intrigued, I found an artist after my own heart, creating blissed-out ambient electronica. If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably not have heard of Jen Gloeckner, yet, but I promise you’ll be […]

Seasons Greetin- A Melancholy Christmas Playlist

I’m one of those people who struggles at Christmas. This holiday period makes me feel sad, nostalgic, lonely and a little lost. Good job Xmas tunes are so cheerful then, eh? Oh wait- What?! If you have Scots heritage you might know that ‘Greetin‘ also means crying. So why don’t you pop on this playlist and join me […]

“See my life in a comic” ~ David Bowie

On one of my least favourite Bowie albums, lives one of my most favourite songs: New Killer Star.  With lyrics of postmodern juxtapositions like “Jesus on dateline”, and post apocalyptic (or simply post 9/11) imagery invoking scars on the skyline. It’s been suggested the song’s title itself is a play on G.W Bush’s mispronunciation of ‘nuclear‘.Fast forward to 2016 when it’s these lyrics […]

Finding Bowie’s ghost in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman

Here’s my potted guide to Bowie spotting in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman….

Bowie is dead, Long live David Bowie

Bowie is Dead, Long Live David Bowie!

The world lost an icon this week, and I lost the closest thing I have to a unicorn, a creature of unimaginable beauty, magic, and wonder that makes your life better simply by touching it. There’s no such thing as a casual Bowie fan, everyone is converted in the end- even if it’s just that one album that you […]

Bald Rose McGowan- video

Rose McGowan Pop Video or Performance art?

Rose McGowan was a late 90’s bombshell. You might remember her as Shannen Doherty’s replacement on Charmed. Lately she’s become a singer with a video to rival Lady Gaga that opens with her quoting Rutger Hauer’s famous speech from Bladerunner…. Say What now??? Click here to see the video for Rose’s debut song ‘RM486’ Who is this again? Maybe you remember Rose Mc Gowan as […]

kate_Bush_before_the_dawn- Gig-review

Kate Bush -Before the Dawn- Some thoughts on the gig of a life time

This time last year Kate Bush was just wrapping up her residency at the Hammersmith Eventim (formerly Apollo). Bush had last performed live here in 1979, and as a life long fan I was resigned to the fact I’d never see her. So there was no question when the opportunity arose, last September I went to the gig of a life time- I saw […]

Top 5 Florence and the Machine videos

My Top Five Florence and the Machine Videos

I adore music videos, but its a rare artist these days that makes one I can get excited about. The imagery employed by Florence and the Machine of magic, spiritualism and melancholy always sets my heart a flutter.  Links below to see the videos of my Top 5 Florence & The Machine Videos : Rabbit Heart (Raise it up) This track […]

florence and the machine-gig-rev-review

Florence and the Machine gig review

Last week I attended Florence and the Machine’s first gig in the European leg of the How Big How Blue How Beautiful tour, and while I puzzled what to wear I created the set list I’d love most to hear: To be fair she played about 75% of my dream set list so I was pretty happy! It was […]

Metroland issues 1 and 2 Covers

Book Review- Metroland by Ricky Miller, Julia Scheele and co.

Metroland is a comic book series written by Ricky Miller, whose non-linear narrative follows main character muso Ricky Stardust and his out of step relationship with the mysterious Jessica Hill. With Julia Scheele providing covers and art for the present day story-line, Rebecca Strickson the past, and Jazz Greenhill illustrating flash forwards(?) Scheele states on her […]

Indulging your inner goth

Indulging your inner goth – 5 Great Gothic Lifestyle Links

Whether you just had a ‘goth phase’ or you’re goth for life I assure you the Gothic Subculture is undying! Lately I’ve been indulging my inner goth and I’ve uncovered countless Gothic lifestyle bloggers, youtubers and IG accounts proving the subculture is alive and thriving on the internet. Growing up I was something of a weekend goth. The sensibility was there, even […]

A-is for Amos- Daria Hlazatova

Book Review: A is for Amos, An Illustrated musical A to Z by Daria Hlazatova

I recently discovered  Daria Hlazatova‘s work when Billy Corgan tweeted this glorious image of her’s entitled Daphne Descends inspired by the Smashing Pumpkins song. It’s no secret that I’m a Pumpkins fan, so I had to find out more about this artist whose style sums up Adore era SP, evoking Aubrey Beardsley, gothic Surrealism and the art-deco stylings of Erté. It transpires that Hlazatova […]

Dead Heroes Club- Irish Prog Rock

Welcome to the Club- The Dead Heroes Club!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a gig of the Dead Heroes Club, Ireland’s only Prog Rock Band who happen to hail from my home town Derry. I’m always a little apprehensive about ‘local’ bands but I needn’t have been, as the Dead Heroes Club are deserving of international acclaim. They are also […]

A bend in the path- new directions

Mid Year Goals- Setting myself some challenges

Back in January I set some New Years resolutions, I’m still working on them. Now it’s already midsummer I’m inspired to set some Mid-Year goals for things I’d like to do by the end of 2015. I’m apprehensive about sharing these, because once they’re out there I have to go through with them right? Well that’s the idea anyway… so […]

Iggy Pop- Chairman of the Bored

Worth A million in Prizes-My Top 5 Iggy Pop Collaborations

There’s a warm place in my heart for Iggy Pop. An idiot savant of rock, this never aging man-child full of mischievous humor has a baritone that exudes life experience and  pathos. James Newell Osterberg Jr is every bit as iconic as Johnny Cash. His output might be edgier, but he’s as humble and humane as the Man in Black. Iggy is a […]

U2 Songs of Innocence- a gift or a gaffe?

Am I the only one who was happy to have received U2’s new album for free via itunes? And since when has free music been a crime? While I can hardly claim to be Apple’s biggest fan, I can’t discern whether utter disgust has been in response the ‘breach’ of the sanctity of personal music […]

Billy Corgan- Adore- embroidery portrait

Adore- Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan Hand embroidered portrait

I finally completed my embroidered portrait of Smashing Pumpkins‘ Billy Corgan. Here it is framed, clocking it at around 25-30 hours worth of stitching. Initially I considered a white frame, but the oval inlay in this black one won as nod to Billy’s  ‘Zero’ motif. A personal work I named ‘Adore’, for the album and for the notions of gothic romance that Billy […]

my textile art for gotye-bronte

Bronte Beasties for Gotye

I’m thrilled to share the finished photos of the felt hoop art pieces I created for Gotye, based on the animated video for his song Bronte. I took some photos in the park late one sunny afternoon before packing them off to Australia.I can’t tell you how glad I am to hear they made it ‘down under’ in […]

Bowie Is-Exhibition review

Bowie Is…a part of me

After much anticipation, I finally got to the extremely popular ‘Bowie is’ exhibition at the V&A London. In reality it showcases a fraction of Bowie’s out put, his early years are well covered but after the shock and awe of the 1970’s, the mid to late 80’s are thin on the ground, and of the 90’s […]


This Woman’s Work- Portraits of Famous Female Musical Trailblazers

When invited to participate in an art exhibition for International Women’s Day I proposed to create a set of textile portraits of culturally influential women. The theme was open to interpretation, and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to share portraits of my own female heroes.  The artists who have influenced me most are often musicians and here, rendered […]

The Return of the Thin White Duke – Some thoughts on Bowie’s new single

So unless you’ve had your head under a rock this week, you’ve probably heard that David Bowie surprised us all with the release of a new single. A surprise, because we’ve had nothing but radio silence from him for the past 10 years.  You can see the video here, directed by Tony Oursler (who I suspect also created projections in previous […]