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Goals and Good Intentions for 2017

Speaking for all of us, 2016 was a “challenging” year. It certainly had its highs and lows. My big positives were successful spinal surgery and finding employment in Higher Education again. But seismic losses in the pop-culture firmament meant I lost a hero, politics locally and globally took a turn for the worse, and on a personal level serious health issues […]

Inspiring Speakers- featuring Writers and Performance Artists

Most of us will never attend a Ted Talk , but there are still plenty of opportunities to see inspiring speakers live. Here’s my ‘claim to fame’ list of Inspiring Speakers from the fields literature and contemporary arts.

Lessons from Living with chronic pain

Lessons from Living with Chronic Pain

I wanted to talk about living with pain. I’ve been in chronic pain now for 6 months, that’s half a year already. It’s sciatic pain caused by a bulging disc in my lower back, and it effects my entire right leg. Actually, it effects my entire life; from poor quality sleep, to poor concentration, frustration and clumsiness, to issues with […]

creepy-cool locations to visit

10 Creepy Cool Locations- Old Haunts Life List

Carrying on my ‘life list’ exercises, this one is about appreciating where I’ve been. Today I’m sharing some creepy cool and locations I’ve had the pleasure of visiting, many of which weren’t readily accessible to the public while others boast a secret double life on film. How many have you seen? The Cambridge University Museum of Zoology –  I once had the pleasure […]

30 Rockefeller Plaza NY

Sharing my Weird Claims to Fame -Life List

It seems to me that our own lives are always more interesting in retrospect. Mine hasn’t been easy of late, I’ve been down on myself and my luck. However I’d like to remedy that by practicing some self-appreciation on my blog and I’m starting by sharing some reminiscences about the fun stuff. So let’s begin the reverie with a somewhat silly […]