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Goals and Good Intentions for 2017

Speaking for all of us, 2016 was a “challenging” year. It certainly had its highs and lows. My big positives were successful spinal surgery and finding employment in Higher Education again. But seismic losses in the pop-culture firmament meant I lost a hero, politics locally and globally took a turn for the worse, and on a personal level serious health issues […]

my blog manifesto- taking no shit selfie

Blogging Manifesto- or how and why I blog

A while ago I asked You! Why do You Blog? and I talked about my own blogging history. As a result I discovered Beached Librarian’s posts about ‘blogging rules for success’ and why she doesn’t stick to them. We share a similar outlook, and I tested these ‘rules’ to try to define Geen Geenie. Responding to these categories helped me consider how […]

Healthy Habits to cultivate- time is precious

Seven Healthy Habits to Cultivate in 2016

Happy New Year! Are you thinking about things you’d like to change? I wrote recently about the hindrance of unhelpful habits. Here I’m following up with healthy habits I hope to replace mine with to help me crawl out of my comfort zone. Here are my Helpful Habits to cultivate in 2016: Get comfortable with saying No– A friend shared a […]

River sunset- kicking unhelpful habits

Curbing Unhelpful Habits- Making room for Change

I find humans are naturally resistant to change, regardless if it’s for the better. Lately I’ve begun to realize that if I want my life to move forwards I have to prioritize, and stop putting my own wants and needs last. I need to chuck old self-limiting habits to make room for new helpful ones. There’s always room for improvement & these are some […]

A bend in the path- new directions

Mid Year Goals- Setting myself some challenges

Back in January I set some New Years resolutions, I’m still working on them. Now it’s already midsummer I’m inspired to set some Mid-Year goals for things I’d like to do by the end of 2015. I’m apprehensive about sharing these, because once they’re out there I have to go through with them right? Well that’s the idea anyway… so […]

Genie meets Classic Trek

Boldly Going – resolutions for the New Year

I’m not a fan of the phrase ‘New Years resolutions’ but sometimes its helpful to set yourself goals or guidelines in life. Here are five of mine for 2015.

Flash Fiction Book 1

Words and Pictures – New Project

I’m working on a writing project I promised myself a while back and now it makes sense for it to see the light of day. I just hope I’ve not given myself too tight a deadline. Between 2009-2012 I wrote intermittently for the flash fiction site ElephantWords.co.uk,  amassing around 50 short stories in total. Not all of […]