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The 70s via the 90s

Lately…according to Instagram – 70’s Ninties’ style

Lately according to Instagram I’ve been loving a little 70’s style  – Clockwise from Top left: Black peep toe clogs from Lotta’s/ Ring from Indiska thanks to Swedish friend Chiaki/ A very seventies via the 90’s style floral with red Mary-Jane Lottas/ Denim jacket with 90’s Tv show memorabilia by Bunny Miele. I’m especially fond of the 70’s seen via […]

Twin Peaks-Great Northern Knitwear

Twin Peaks inspired Knitwear by Great Northern Knits

If like me you love Twin Peaks, 90s fashion and cool knitwear you might be as excited as I was to learn of Great Northern Knits. Recently Teresa Gregorio contacted me about sharing my Twin Peaks fabric designs on her new blog. To my great pleasure it turns out Teresa is knitwear designer who along […]

Penny Dreadful inspired Jewellery

Penny Dreadful inspired Jewellery Wishlist

So Penny Dreadful, who’s been watching? If you haven’t seen it I’ll sum up by saying its basically a gothic take on Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, where a whole host of literary characters like Dorian Gray and Victor Frankenstein co-mingle with gothic archetypes such as werewolves, witches and vampires, and the action revolves around original character Miss Vanessa […]

Five Festive Films

Five Alternative Festive Films

Indulge in some festive movie watching with these off the wall holiday season film recommendations.

Game of Thrones exhibition – Belfast

Argh! There is only one more episode of Game of Thrones left and this season has really been hotting up. Will any more of my favourite characters die? And who will be sitting on the Iron Throne this time next year I wonder?! Could it be me?- mwhahaha ha! To help sweeten the blow of […]


A Hand stitched Clueless Heart Throb- As if!

I confess, I’m a little bit 90’s obsessed. So I had loads of fun with this embroidery piece which allowed me to indulge my 90’s nostalgia while making something my swap partner would get a kick out of. What do you mean you haven’t seen Clueless? As if! Maybe you’ll recognise this guy as Paul Rudd, ( it’s Josh!  Cher’s […]

Batman and Me

Batman – many happy returns!

I’ve been a Bat-Fan since I was a kid. I still vividly remember drawing a portrait of Jack Nicholson’s Joker from the cover of the Radio Times. Tim Burton’s eponymous Batman movie hit the theatres back in 1989, and I was 11 years old, just under age for this first movie to have received the […]

prometheus- honest movie review

Prometheus: All fired up!

Oh Prometheus, what a heavy handed mess you are.  Welcome to Bridgeen’s unpopular opinion corner: today’s rant is on Ridley Scott’s uber hyped return to Sci-fi Prometheus. So many things bugged me about this movie I barely know where to begin. Firstly the script is dire, the characters might as well use semaphore they’re flagging […]