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Brand vs Indentity- Can Labels Hurt?

I recently wrote about the difficulties of finding a name; for your self,  your online projects or even your business venture. Following on, I wanted to discuss one of the aspects I found hardest about working as a freelance creative, namely building a brand, and how extremely limiting that can be. Most books like ‘Brand You‘ are all […]

Are How-to tutorials killing the Craft industry

Are ‘How to’ tutorials killing Craft?

Recently Beached Librarian asked ‘Are DIY posts bad for creativity ?‘ A sticky subject, especially since one might argue that the difference between following a pattern and creating something from scratch as you go, is the difference between having ‘a hobby’ and being ‘an artist’. There is a place for both approaches, after all where does the artist […]

Carving Halloween Pumpkins

Smashing Pumpkin Ideas for Halloween

I get super excited about Halloween pumpkins, because I didn’t have them as a kid. I loved dressing up and trick or treating, going to the parade and fireworks, eating Halloween snacks while nodding off in front of the TV watching schlockly old Horror films and B-Movies. But…Halloween without a pumpkin is like Christmas without a tree. We didn’t have […]

twin peaks pocket mirror

Thinking about Thought Bubble 2014

I love Thought Bubble, it’s quite possibly my favourite comic convention in the UK so I was glad to have exhibited here again, for what feels like one last time. I always seem to forget that the best part of these events is getting to talk to people, meeting up with old friends and new. Feeling […]

Blood spattered Sporan illustration by b.gillespie

Happy Halloween

Here’s a suitably spooky sporran illustration from my collection of short stories that I’ve decided to call- ‘Flash Fiction’! I created only a couple of illustrations in the end opting to stick to photo ‘illustrations’ for the stories over all to keep the ‘Flash’ in the flash fiction. But I enjoyed the excuse to get my dip pens […]

Billy Corgan- Adore- embroidery portrait

Adore- Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan Hand embroidered portrait

I finally completed my embroidered portrait of Smashing Pumpkins‘ Billy Corgan. Here it is framed, clocking it at around 25-30 hours worth of stitching. Initially I considered a white frame, but the oval inlay in this black one won as nod to Billy’s  ‘Zero’ motif. A personal work I named ‘Adore’, for the album and for the notions of gothic romance that Billy […]

5 Things You might not know about Me

I could draw horses before I could draw people. I grew up obsessed with all animals, real, fictional and prehistoric. Family and friends tease me about being a bit of an Elmyra. Thank providence for stray cats or I might never have owned one. I’ll always be a goth at heart. I’ve never been able to […]


A Hand stitched Clueless Heart Throb- As if!

I confess, I’m a little bit 90’s obsessed. So I had loads of fun with this embroidery piece which allowed me to indulge my 90’s nostalgia while making something my swap partner would get a kick out of. What do you mean you haven’t seen Clueless? As if! Maybe you’ll recognise this guy as Paul Rudd, ( it’s Josh!  Cher’s […]


Crewel Hope – A non- traditional embroidery installation

For designer maker collective MAK9 ‘s ‘Draw on the Walls’ exhibition I created a non-traditional site specific embroidery for installation.  The themes of my work include an awareness of religious, socioeconomic and gender politics, with embroidery as a traditionally female ‘domestic’ art. The title is inspired by Jacobean embroidery techniques popular during *Lundy’s lifetime. (*Lundy is burned […]

my textile art for gotye-bronte

Bronte Beasties for Gotye

I’m thrilled to share the finished photos of the felt hoop art pieces I created for Gotye, based on the animated video for his song Bronte. I took some photos in the park late one sunny afternoon before packing them off to Australia.I can’t tell you how glad I am to hear they made it ‘down under’ in […]


This Woman’s Work- Portraits of Famous Female Musical Trailblazers

When invited to participate in an art exhibition for International Women’s Day I proposed to create a set of textile portraits of culturally influential women. The theme was open to interpretation, and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to share portraits of my own female heroes.  The artists who have influenced me most are often musicians and here, rendered […]

Batman and Me

Batman – many happy returns!

I’ve been a Bat-Fan since I was a kid. I still vividly remember drawing a portrait of Jack Nicholson’s Joker from the cover of the Radio Times. Tim Burton’s eponymous Batman movie hit the theatres back in 1989, and I was 11 years old, just under age for this first movie to have received the […]

indie craft Jo Waterhouse Book Review

Books Reviews: Indie Craft

For embroidery inspiration Indie Craft by Jo Waterhouse is a real eye opener. (Check out the cover art by Jenny Hart!) This book is an overview of the Indie craft ‘scene’. Loads of great pictures of mainly textile crafts but across various disciplines. I read this to give myself some context of the contemporary indie craft […]