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Life Lately… Summer’s End

This summer’s been far from uneventful. I’ve been busy with job interviews, grand days out, and the odd gig for good measure. Taking stock I’ve been… Enjoying: working in a University environment for the first time in years Waiting: for payday before I buy anything Hoping: I’ll be temping for more than a few weeks Liking: […]

Inspiring Speakers- featuring Writers and Performance Artists

Most of us will never attend a Ted Talk , but there are still plenty of opportunities to see inspiring speakers live. Here’s my ‘claim to fame’ list of Inspiring Speakers from the fields literature and contemporary arts.

“See my life in a comic” ~ David Bowie

On one of my least favourite Bowie albums, lives one of my most favourite songs: New Killer Star.  With lyrics of postmodern juxtapositions like “Jesus on dateline”, and post apocalyptic (or simply post 9/11) imagery invoking scars on the skyline. It’s been suggested the song’s title itself is a play on G.W Bush’s mispronunciation of ‘nuclear‘.Fast forward to 2016 when it’s these lyrics […]

Finding Bowie’s ghost in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman

Here’s my potted guide to Bowie spotting in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman….

Metroland issues 1 and 2 Covers

Book Review- Metroland by Ricky Miller, Julia Scheele and co.

Metroland is a comic book series written by Ricky Miller, whose non-linear narrative follows main character muso Ricky Stardust and his out of step relationship with the mysterious Jessica Hill. With Julia Scheele providing covers and art for the present day story-line, Rebecca Strickson the past, and Jazz Greenhill illustrating flash forwards(?) Scheele states on her […]

scene and heard book review

Scene & Heard- Book review

‘Scene and Heard’ by David Ziggy Greene is a collection of topical cartoon ‘reports’ on news events from 2011 to early 2014. The author was interested in garnering more female reviewer feedback, and this piqued my interest. I’m always curious about perceived gender bias, being a comic fan of that generation when it was still […]

twin peaks pocket mirror

Thinking about Thought Bubble 2014

I love Thought Bubble, it’s quite possibly my favourite comic convention in the UK so I was glad to have exhibited here again, for what feels like one last time. I always seem to forget that the best part of these events is getting to talk to people, meeting up with old friends and new. Feeling […]

Louise Brooks- Tula Lotay

Spotlight on illustrator Tula Lotay

Tula Lotay is the nom-de-plume of comic artist Lisa Wood. I’ve been following her work on instagram now for sometime and when she announced a collector edition art book of prints I knew I had to have one. I was heart broken to have missed her limited run of Blade Runner prints so I can’t tell […]

Gareth Brooks-The Black Project- Book review

The Black Project- Book Review

Now here’s something a bit special, two of my major loves combined a graphic novel made with embroidery. I became aware of this book when I joked online about creating a comic in embroidery then someone told me it was already being done! Fast forward and the book is now an award-winning title from Myriad […]

rainbow-orchid-Garen-EWING-Book review

Rainbow Orchid- Book Review

Taking a break today to bring you a glimpse of Garen Ewing’s gorgeous full colour comic book ‘The Complete Rainbow Orchid’ a collected edition of the ‘Orchid storyline. For those seeking new comics for children I heartily recommend this as an excellent starting place! (Creator Ewing is a regular contributor to the Phoenix kids anthology title.) […]

hugo_tate_Nick Abadzis-Review

Hugo Tate Book Review

Apologies if I’m a little late to the party with this one. Hugo Tate, written and illustrated by Nick Abadzis is graphic novel composed of a collection of strips for created for Deadline Magazine, a rare example of late 80’s/early 90’s comic book counter-culture in the UK.  (Deadline featured strips by many artists and writers […]

Kristin Hersh-rat-girl-book-review

Book Reviews – Rat Girl, Flowers for Algernon and Science Tales

Trying to read more books this year I’ve discovered I have some recurring themes: scepticism, humanism, mental health, artist biographies, and a fondness for the diary format, fictional or otherwise. Today’s book reviews fall into those categories squarely! Rat Girl , (Penguin Original) is a memoir of Kristin Hersh’s early years, pre- the success of Throwing […]

Batman and Me

Batman – many happy returns!

I’ve been a Bat-Fan since I was a kid. I still vividly remember drawing a portrait of Jack Nicholson’s Joker from the cover of the Radio Times. Tim Burton’s eponymous Batman movie hit the theatres back in 1989, and I was 11 years old, just under age for this first movie to have received the […]

nelson graphic novel- review

Nelson Graphic Novel- Fantasy Memoir

Every once in a while a graphic novel comes along that shows just what this medium can do. Though the combination of words and pictures titles like Maus, The Watchmen, and Fun Home extend the comic medium, give it the depth of reference and heart of a conventional novel, while utilising the conventions of sequential […]

Mawil-Can we still be friends-review

Book Reviews; Memoir comics and Ready Player One

Today’s books reviewed cover memoir comics; Mawil’s teen heart-aches chronicled in ‘We can still be friends’, while kid friendly art comic The Girl and The Gorilla looks at inspiration, and finally I have mixed feeling about retrogaming science fiction phenomena ‘Ready Player One’. We Can Still Be Friends, written and illustrated by Mawil. This is one of […]

Irish kids comics- Alan Nolan

Alan Nolan’s Graphic Novels for kids

In keeping with my ‘Everything Irish’ theme this week I’m pleased to announce my interview with writer and artist Alan Nolan, the hot new talent from O’Brien Press, is currently featured on the Inis Magazine website brought to you by Children’s Books Ireland.  It was a pleasure to interview Alan for Inis Magazine, not only he […]

Scott Pilgrim-Ramona Flowers-Top 10 Indie Comics

Ten Indie Comics of Influence

In Nude Magazine, Bare Essentials , I wrote about my favourite comics from the UK indie press. Since then I’ve been thinking about how I got into indie comics, my favourites, and those that have influenced me most. So I’ve decided to share some of these with you. You’ll probably notice these are all black […]

Bare Essentials-Best of Nude Magazine- Review

Best of Nude

I first discovered Nude magazine in 2005. I was working in the Southwark area of London and tucked away behind Waterloo station, on Lower Marsh just off The Cut is a super cool little retro shop called ‘Radio Days’. This is where I picked up my first square bound copy of Nude, it was in […]