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Life Lately … Losing my Dad

A recent bereavement put me on blogging hiatus. I’ve been grieving the loss of my dad. Diagnosed with cancer before Christmas we lost him on the first of March. Exactly a year since my spinal surgery, I’m still reeling from the roller-coaster of 2016/17.  Tongue tied, I’ve felt like I couldn’t carry on and blog […]

Inspiring Speakers- featuring Writers and Performance Artists

Most of us will never attend a Ted Talk , but there are still plenty of opportunities to see inspiring speakers live. Here’s my ‘claim to fame’ list of Inspiring Speakers from the fields literature and contemporary arts.

“See my life in a comic” ~ David Bowie

On one of my least favourite Bowie albums, lives one of my most favourite songs: New Killer Star.  With lyrics of postmodern juxtapositions like “Jesus on dateline”, and post apocalyptic (or simply post 9/11) imagery invoking scars on the skyline. It’s been suggested the song’s title itself is a play on G.W Bush’s mispronunciation of ‘nuclear‘.Fast forward to 2016 when it’s these lyrics […]

Performance notes- 90s arts student

I was a 90’s Arts Student…

I’ve mentioned before my desire to re-frame past ‘failures’ as lessons learned. I’m discovering most ‘failures’ aren’t as bad as we think, given perspective. But sometimes the lesson learned isn’t the same as one they are trying to teach us. Take my Bachelor’s degree for example. I made some odd choices, I didn’t listen to my intuition. […]


A writer and artist in recovery…?

In my blog manifesto, I mentioned being a writer and artist in ‘recovery’, ostensibly from my time spent as craft entrepreneur.  It was one of the most painful episodes in my life, culminating in depression and crippling anxiety. Like Matt Haig said in his essay on depression and Christmas– “Depression often occurs when it looks […]

Books on Business of Being an Artist

5 books on the Business of being an Artist

Who or what is an Artist? A sticky question. But, in my opinion an artist is anyone who thinks differently, possibly deeply, and is compelled to communicate. The main difference between an amateur artist and a professional, is that one is being paid. But being paid is not what makes you an artist. Ultimately, you are an artist […]

David_Bowie_Blackstar_design elements - free download for personal use

David Bowie Blackstar Design Elements – Free Download for Personal Use

If like me, you are having a hard time getting your head ’round David Bowie’s shocking passing then this just might be the memento for you: Design studio Barnbrook were lucky enough to have worked with Bowie on his last five albums,  producing the controversial art work for The Next Day, and one of my personal favourite covers,  the iconoclastic […]

Are How-to tutorials killing the Craft industry

Are ‘How to’ tutorials killing Craft?

Recently Beached Librarian asked ‘Are DIY posts bad for creativity ?‘ A sticky subject, especially since one might argue that the difference between following a pattern and creating something from scratch as you go, is the difference between having ‘a hobby’ and being ‘an artist’. There is a place for both approaches, after all where does the artist […]

Louise Brooks- Tula Lotay

Spotlight on illustrator Tula Lotay

Tula Lotay is the nom-de-plume of comic artist Lisa Wood. I’ve been following her work on instagram now for sometime and when she announced a collector edition art book of prints I knew I had to have one. I was heart broken to have missed her limited run of Blade Runner prints so I can’t tell […]

The Return of the Thin White Duke – Some thoughts on Bowie’s new single

So unless you’ve had your head under a rock this week, you’ve probably heard that David Bowie surprised us all with the release of a new single. A surprise, because we’ve had nothing but radio silence from him for the past 10 years.  You can see the video here, directed by Tony Oursler (who I suspect also created projections in previous […]

edgy-cute_Art book revirew

Book Review: “Edgy Cute” Lowbrow Art

Edgy Cute From Neo-Pop to Lowbrow and back again. This beautifully presented book was a birthday gift by my big bro who remembered I have a soft spot for ‘Lowbrow’ Art. It makes a great companion piece to ‘Pop Surrealism’ The rise on Underground Art, which I already have. While  Pop Surrealism’s articles and introductions are fun […]

Scott Pilgrim-Ramona Flowers-Top 10 Indie Comics

Ten Indie Comics of Influence

In Nude Magazine, Bare Essentials , I wrote about my favourite comics from the UK indie press. Since then I’ve been thinking about how I got into indie comics, my favourites, and those that have influenced me most. So I’ve decided to share some of these with you. You’ll probably notice these are all black […]