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Jen Gloeckner -Vine-Album Review

Music- Jen Gloeckner – Review ‘Vine’

Is this the Summer album you are looking for? Out of the blue I was invited to review Jen Gloeckner’s new release Vine. Intrigued, I found an artist after my own heart, creating blissed-out ambient electronica. If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably not have heard of Jen Gloeckner, yet, but I promise you’ll be […]

Bowie Inspired Hair – I was a 90s glam rock pixie

As a Creative Arts student in the 90’s I didn’t know I had ‘Bowie hair’ until one of my lecturers pointed it out. I won’t deny it was often red. And short, which was both ‘in’ at the time, due to the ‘encouragement’ (peer pressure) of a boy with a thing for pixie cuts. I’m late to the party but a […]

New Grunge Palettes – Five Top Picks!

Back in the day (in the actual nineties) wearing warm toned eye-shadow that made you look like you’d been crying was dubbed ‘heroine chic’. This edgy look was far from mainstream but nowadays the rust-red ‘grunge’ eye-shadow trend is super popular and shows no sign of abating with yet more brands adding their spin. I’ve scouted my Top 5 New Grunge Palettes from high-end […]

Accidental A-levels -How I became an Art Student

While working on ‘reframing failures‘ and delving into strange decisions from my past,  I found myself retracing steps in my education, wondering how I ever got started in Art. There’s a strong ‘artistic gene’ in my family and while I sought to prove myself the exception, ‘Art’ in some ways felt inevitable.  I didn’t choose to be an art […]

Performance notes- 90s arts student

I was a 90’s Arts Student…

I’ve mentioned before my desire to re-frame past ‘failures’ as lessons learned. I’m discovering most ‘failures’ aren’t as bad as we think, given perspective. But sometimes the lesson learned isn’t the same as one they are trying to teach us. Take my Bachelor’s degree for example. I made some odd choices, I didn’t listen to my intuition. […]

Finding Bowie’s ghost in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman

Here’s my potted guide to Bowie spotting in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman….

butter london - Spring nails and Vamp lips

Spring Nails and Vampy Lips from Butter London

It’s the little things that I’ve been living for lately (like glittery nails), and a surprise gift from a friend prompted me to check out Butter London where I got myself some treats in their sale. My friend Chiaki and I share a fondness for Bowie best described as reverent, (lol) and things of a glam […]

Bowie is dead, Long live David Bowie

Bowie is Dead, Long Live David Bowie!

The world lost an icon this week, and I lost the closest thing I have to a unicorn, a creature of unimaginable beauty, magic, and wonder that makes your life better simply by touching it. There’s no such thing as a casual Bowie fan, everyone is converted in the end- even if it’s just that one album that you […]

Grunge eye palettes featuring mac burgundy x 9

Top Five Grunge palettes for Autumn Eyes

I’m obsessed with finding the perfect red/copper/brown eye-shadow combo. Currently described as a ‘grunge’ look , it’s essentially a sultry warm smokey eye that’s been around forever. It can be difficult to pull off but new matte formulas afford a more subtle application, boosting this style’s popularity. Here’s my Top 5 pick of russet hued palettes ranging from high-end to budget: Clockwise from Top Left: Lorac: Pro Matte / […]

The 70s via the 90s

Lately…according to Instagram – 70’s Ninties’ style

Lately according to Instagram I’ve been loving a little 70’s style  – Clockwise from Top left: Black peep toe clogs from Lotta’s/ Ring from Indiska thanks to Swedish friend Chiaki/ A very seventies via the 90’s style floral with red Mary-Jane Lottas/ Denim jacket with 90’s Tv show memorabilia by Bunny Miele. I’m especially fond of the 70’s seen via […]

Twin Peaks-Great Northern Knitwear

Twin Peaks inspired Knitwear by Great Northern Knits

If like me you love Twin Peaks, 90s fashion and cool knitwear you might be as excited as I was to learn of Great Northern Knits. Recently Teresa Gregorio contacted me about sharing my Twin Peaks fabric designs on her new blog. To my great pleasure it turns out Teresa is knitwear designer who along […]

Iggy Pop- Chairman of the Bored

Worth A million in Prizes-My Top 5 Iggy Pop Collaborations

There’s a warm place in my heart for Iggy Pop. An idiot savant of rock, this never aging man-child full of mischievous humor has a baritone that exudes life experience and  pathos. James Newell Osterberg Jr is every bit as iconic as Johnny Cash. His output might be edgier, but he’s as humble and humane as the Man in Black. Iggy is a […]

U2 Songs of Innocence- a gift or a gaffe?

Am I the only one who was happy to have received U2’s new album for free via itunes? And since when has free music been a crime? While I can hardly claim to be Apple’s biggest fan, I can’t discern whether utter disgust has been in response the ‘breach’ of the sanctity of personal music […]

Billy Corgan- Adore- embroidery portrait

Adore- Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan Hand embroidered portrait

I finally completed my embroidered portrait of Smashing Pumpkins‘ Billy Corgan. Here it is framed, clocking it at around 25-30 hours worth of stitching. Initially I considered a white frame, but the oval inlay in this black one won as nod to Billy’s  ‘Zero’ motif. A personal work I named ‘Adore’, for the album and for the notions of gothic romance that Billy […]

JP Gaultier Exhibition review

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier at the Barbican London

I was lucky enough to catch ‘From SideWalk to CatWalk the fashion world of Jean Paul Gaultier’ exhibition at the Barbican Gallery during a recent  trip to London. Photography was permitted and I wish I’d my ‘big camera’ with me. Turns out the exhibition was simply too good not to attempt to document with my iphone. Check out […]


A Hand stitched Clueless Heart Throb- As if!

I confess, I’m a little bit 90’s obsessed. So I had loads of fun with this embroidery piece which allowed me to indulge my 90’s nostalgia while making something my swap partner would get a kick out of. What do you mean you haven’t seen Clueless? As if! Maybe you’ll recognise this guy as Paul Rudd, ( it’s Josh!  Cher’s […]