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Bowie Inspired Hair – I was a 90s glam rock pixie

As a Creative Arts student in the 90’s I didn’t know I had ‘Bowie hair’ until one of my lecturers pointed it out. I won’t deny it was often red. And short, which was both ‘in’ at the time, due to the ‘encouragement’ (peer pressure) of a boy with a thing for pixie cuts. I’m late to the party but a […]

New Grunge Palettes – Five Top Picks!

Back in the day (in the actual nineties) wearing warm toned eye-shadow that made you look like you’d been crying was dubbed ‘heroine chic’. This edgy look was far from mainstream but nowadays the rust-red ‘grunge’ eye-shadow trend is super popular and shows no sign of abating with yet more brands adding their spin. I’ve scouted my Top 5 New Grunge Palettes from high-end […]

Just Peachy Hair- transitioning to blonde

I’ve been on a bit of a journey with my hair these past couple of months. Despite yearning for raven locks since January and sporting ruby-red tones in their stead, feeling better post op and seeing summer on the way has left me feeling ready for change. I thought a hair cut might do the trick. I’d been growing it and had some residual […]

Not worth the hype- Make up Youtube made me buy

Worth the hype? Youtube made me buy it!

Watch enough make-up tutorials on Youtube and you’ll be sucked into a whirlwind of beauty brand hype. Seasoned viewers grow wary of beauty-guru videos becoming adverts, with many ‘influencers’ collaborating with brands on products and promotions. While I wish Youtubers luck, (it’s a brave new world), their videos can leave viewers with unreasonably high expectations and f.o.m.o on […]

A BRIT-POP of Colour from butter LONDON

Recently Butter LONDON were kind enough to send me some products to review (lady’s choice) after I raved about their polish and lip-gloss I bought online. I was excited to try more of their cool quirky line in cosmetics, so I chose a ‘Cheeky’ cream blush, matte lipstick ‘Lippy’ and ‘Wink’ liquid eye-liner for my […]

Spring shoes-clog love

My Clog collection!

Last year I became clog obsessed and started a small collection. I thought it would be fun to compare the clogs I actually got, to my wish list here.  So without further ado this is my wooden soled clog collection, all from Lotta from Stockholm : I have two pairs of low-heel mary jane sandals in red /nubuck, one pair […]

My Make-up geek custom palette

On Make-up collecting and Mental Health

This is not a beauty blog but I’ve been sharing my love of cosmetics here lately. Because make-up has always been a thing of joy in my life. I still fondly recall my first products and looks I wore in the past. And Make-up brings out the collector in me. I’ll admit I’m a sucker for […]

Gourmand fragrance recommendations

Gourmand Fragrances- My Top Five

Perfumes to me are like a tonic, a real pick-me-up, or a comforting hug from a friend.  My love of scent goes hand in hand with my love affair with make-up, they have the same origin story. My earliest fragrances as a 90’s teen included Arden’s Red Door, Dior’s Poison body lotion and a glitter gel fragrance from Avon called […]

butter london - Spring nails and Vamp lips

Spring Nails and Vampy Lips from Butter London

It’s the little things that I’ve been living for lately (like glittery nails), and a surprise gift from a friend prompted me to check out Butter London where I got myself some treats in their sale. My friend Chiaki and I share a fondness for Bowie best described as reverent, (lol) and things of a glam […]

Love -Alien Edp Thierry Mugler

February Favourites- TOP 5 Beauty Buys

February is one of my favourite months featuring my birthday, valentines day, the beginning of spring, Imbolc, and the Chinese New Year. All celebrations that make me happy! (And since I’m facing a scary health situation I’d like to dwell on happy). So without further ado, here are my Top 5 beauty buys for spring: Alien edp Thierry Mugler […]

Top 5 beauty books 2016

Five Fabulous Beauty Books – Current Reading List

My current reading list features five new sparkly beauty book releases. While I concede the Kate Bush tome is not technically a ‘beauty’ book, it might as well be for all the gorgeous photos of La Bush rocking big hair and sultry 80’s eye make-up. She’s one of my all time beauty idols for sure! I adore books with lavish photos and illustrations. I […]

Red Hair 90s style buns

Happy Hair Colour Accidents: New Year- New Hair 2016

It’s becoming a tradition that  I change my hair for the holidays.  Xmas and New Year can be a bit emotional and I often feel low. But it helps to remember these feelings are temporary. Now I’m aware of my mid-winter ‘wobble’ I anticipate it. Now I change my hair on purpose, not in the emotional knee-jerk/radically irreversible way I used to. This […]

1 Face 4 x Make-up looks

Why I love Make-up!

As a child in the 80’s I grew up believing cosmetics were as amazing on men as women.  Bowie and Toyah blew my mind tiny five-year-old mind, with their astounding looks and brightly dyed hair. Luckily growing up, my oldest sister was a ‘beauty counter girl’ at the department store. Testers and samples were abundant, and my early exposure to cosmetics was […]

Gothic Make-up looks from Pixiwoo MUAs

Five Dark Alternative Looks from Pixiwoo’s MUAs

I’m addicted to make-up tutorial videos on You-tube, like these from The Pixiwoo channel (Aka Sam and Nic Chapman, the two sisters behind the ‘Real- Techniques’ make-up brushes). They may be mainstream popular these days, but there are a surprising number of alternative looks in the Pixiwoo archives. A little bit goth, a little bit grunge and […]

Grunge eye palettes featuring mac burgundy x 9

Top Five Grunge palettes for Autumn Eyes

I’m obsessed with finding the perfect red/copper/brown eye-shadow combo. Currently described as a ‘grunge’ look , it’s essentially a sultry warm smokey eye that’s been around forever. It can be difficult to pull off but new matte formulas afford a more subtle application, boosting this style’s popularity. Here’s my Top 5 pick of russet hued palettes ranging from high-end to budget: Clockwise from Top Left: Lorac: Pro Matte / […]

The 70s via the 90s

Lately…according to Instagram – 70’s Ninties’ style

Lately according to Instagram I’ve been loving a little 70’s style  – Clockwise from Top left: Black peep toe clogs from Lotta’s/ Ring from Indiska thanks to Swedish friend Chiaki/ A very seventies via the 90’s style floral with red Mary-Jane Lottas/ Denim jacket with 90’s Tv show memorabilia by Bunny Miele. I’m especially fond of the 70’s seen via […]

Twin Peaks-Great Northern Knitwear

Twin Peaks inspired Knitwear by Great Northern Knits

If like me you love Twin Peaks, 90s fashion and cool knitwear you might be as excited as I was to learn of Great Northern Knits. Recently Teresa Gregorio contacted me about sharing my Twin Peaks fabric designs on her new blog. To my great pleasure it turns out Teresa is knitwear designer who along […]

MUA Lux Velvet Lip Lacquer-

Liquid to Matt Lips: MUA Lux Velvet Lip Lacquer review

I may have mentioned before that I’m a bit obsessed with the idea of liquid to matte/lip creme formulas. So I was excited to see an albeit limited selection of the MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer range in my local Superdrug. I’ve not tried any Make Up Academy products before but at £3 each I thought these were worth […]

Indulging your inner goth

Indulging your inner goth – 5 Great Gothic Lifestyle Links

Whether you just had a ‘goth phase’ or you’re goth for life I assure you the Gothic Subculture is undying! Lately I’ve been indulging my inner goth and I’ve uncovered countless Gothic lifestyle bloggers, youtubers and IG accounts proving the subculture is alive and thriving on the internet. Growing up I was something of a weekend goth. The sensibility was there, even […]

Penny Dreadful inspired Jewellery

Penny Dreadful inspired Jewellery Wishlist

So Penny Dreadful, who’s been watching? If you haven’t seen it I’ll sum up by saying its basically a gothic take on Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, where a whole host of literary characters like Dorian Gray and Victor Frankenstein co-mingle with gothic archetypes such as werewolves, witches and vampires, and the action revolves around original character Miss Vanessa […]

5 beauty fails product review

It’s not me it’s you!- 5 beauty product fails

After recently recommending my best budget beauty buys, I figured why not share some of my most disappointing purchases too? These make up products just didn’t live up to the hype for me. Consider these my top five beauty fails: 1- Precious Metals Highlighting Palette by Sleek Makeup £9.99 – I got this as part of the Party […]