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Who would you be if you didn’t procrastinate?

Lately I’ve been treading water and feeling a little ‘stuck’, but I guess grief will do that. Luckily my interests in mental health and minimalism mean my youtube recommendations have been insightful! Beating procrastination has been a reoccurring theme and highlights include professional therapist Kati Morton on fear of failure, Med School Insiders on self-discipline, and of my new hero, psychology […]

Goals and Good Intentions for 2017

Speaking for all of us, 2016 was a “challenging” year. It certainly had its highs and lows. My big positives were successful spinal surgery and finding employment in Higher Education again. But seismic losses in the pop-culture firmament meant I lost a hero, politics locally and globally took a turn for the worse, and on a personal level serious health issues […]

Declutter your Digital Life – Why I’m hitting ‘Unsubscribe’.

Minimalism is an idea that has risen to prominence in 2016. Although there are conflicting opinions on what Minimalism is, and why you should try it. And while ‘internet minimalism’ looks a lot like an alternative lifestyle trend, I believe true minimalism has ties to mindfulness and living intentionally. I particularly like the attitude of YouTuber Anthony Ongaro of ‘Break the […]

My Make-up geek custom palette

On Make-up collecting and Mental Health

This is not a beauty blog but I’ve been sharing my love of cosmetics here lately. Because make-up has always been a thing of joy in my life. I still fondly recall my first products and looks I wore in the past. And Make-up brings out the collector in me. I’ll admit I’m a sucker for […]

Brand vs Indentity- Can Labels Hurt?

I recently wrote about the difficulties of finding a name; for your self,  your online projects or even your business venture. Following on, I wanted to discuss one of the aspects I found hardest about working as a freelance creative, namely building a brand, and how extremely limiting that can be. Most books like ‘Brand You‘ are all […]

Lessons from Living with chronic pain

Lessons from Living with Chronic Pain

I wanted to talk about living with pain. I’ve been in chronic pain now for 6 months, that’s half a year already. It’s sciatic pain caused by a bulging disc in my lower back, and it effects my entire right leg. Actually, it effects my entire life; from poor quality sleep, to poor concentration, frustration and clumsiness, to issues with […]

Where are you from-Spaceman Cambridge Street Performer

About being Different – ‘Where are you from?’

Firstly let me say in some places, it’s not very hard to be ‘different’. In the extremely white small town I grew up in because I was swarthy and tanned as a kid, I got called ‘Half-cast’, ‘Chinky’, and later ‘French’. Simply because my skin was yellow-toned rather than the typical milk-bottle white. This is anecdotal […]

Are How-to tutorials killing the Craft industry

Are ‘How to’ tutorials killing Craft?

Recently Beached Librarian asked ‘Are DIY posts bad for creativity ?‘ A sticky subject, especially since one might argue that the difference between following a pattern and creating something from scratch as you go, is the difference between having ‘a hobby’ and being ‘an artist’. There is a place for both approaches, after all where does the artist […]

1 Face 4 x Make-up looks

Why I love Make-up!

As a child in the 80’s I grew up believing cosmetics were as amazing on men as women.  Bowie and Toyah blew my mind tiny five-year-old mind, with their astounding looks and brightly dyed hair. Luckily growing up, my oldest sister was a ‘beauty counter girl’ at the department store. Testers and samples were abundant, and my early exposure to cosmetics was […]

Healthy Habits to cultivate- time is precious

Seven Healthy Habits to Cultivate in 2016

Happy New Year! Are you thinking about things you’d like to change? I wrote recently about the hindrance of unhelpful habits. Here I’m following up with healthy habits I hope to replace mine with to help me crawl out of my comfort zone. Here are my Helpful Habits to cultivate in 2016: Get comfortable with saying No– A friend shared a […]


10 Things I love about the Festive Season!

Is it too soon to talk about Xmas? I’m uncharacteristically keen for chrimbo again this year. This is a new thing for me. For years this holiday really bummed me out but I’m working on re-focusing things. Xmas is becoming a time to spoil myself, read lots, watch sentimental movies, cuddle on the sofa, and eat […]

creepy-cool locations to visit

10 Creepy Cool Locations- Old Haunts Life List

Carrying on my ‘life list’ exercises, this one is about appreciating where I’ve been. Today I’m sharing some creepy cool and locations I’ve had the pleasure of visiting, many of which weren’t readily accessible to the public while others boast a secret double life on film. How many have you seen? The Cambridge University Museum of Zoology –  I once had the pleasure […]

River sunset- kicking unhelpful habits

Curbing Unhelpful Habits- Making room for Change

I find humans are naturally resistant to change, regardless if it’s for the better. Lately I’ve begun to realize that if I want my life to move forwards I have to prioritize, and stop putting my own wants and needs last. I need to chuck old self-limiting habits to make room for new helpful ones. There’s always room for improvement & these are some […]

Footprints in the sand - vs internet foot prints

On internet foot-prints: content pesistence, reputation and virtual debris

Have you ever considered your internet foot-print ?  Few grasped in the early days of the internet that web content can persist indefinitely.  I wrote recently about my history as a blogger, and while a few old blogs of mine are still out there, I’ve taken many other sites and profiles down over time. The current advice for online entrepreneurs is to have a […]

30 Rockefeller Plaza NY

Sharing my Weird Claims to Fame -Life List

It seems to me that our own lives are always more interesting in retrospect. Mine hasn’t been easy of late, I’ve been down on myself and my luck. However I’d like to remedy that by practicing some self-appreciation on my blog and I’m starting by sharing some reminiscences about the fun stuff. So let’s begin the reverie with a somewhat silly […]


Blogging like a Beginner – Get to know me

Those who have followed me from Cherry & Cinnamon will know that Geen Geenie is a new blog for me, one that allows me to explore my personal obsessions. So I’m flattered to receive a nomination for the Versatile Blogger award which made me feel like a newbie blogger all over again. Given that I started my […]

A bend in the path- new directions

Mid Year Goals- Setting myself some challenges

Back in January I set some New Years resolutions, I’m still working on them. Now it’s already midsummer I’m inspired to set some Mid-Year goals for things I’d like to do by the end of 2015. I’m apprehensive about sharing these, because once they’re out there I have to go through with them right? Well that’s the idea anyway… so […]

Genie meets Classic Trek

Boldly Going – resolutions for the New Year

I’m not a fan of the phrase ‘New Years resolutions’ but sometimes its helpful to set yourself goals or guidelines in life. Here are five of mine for 2015.

Blood spattered Sporan illustration by b.gillespie

Happy Halloween

Here’s a suitably spooky sporran illustration from my collection of short stories that I’ve decided to call- ‘Flash Fiction’! I created only a couple of illustrations in the end opting to stick to photo ‘illustrations’ for the stories over all to keep the ‘Flash’ in the flash fiction. But I enjoyed the excuse to get my dip pens […]

5 Things You might not know about Me

I could draw horses before I could draw people. I grew up obsessed with all animals, real, fictional and prehistoric. Family and friends tease me about being a bit of an Elmyra. Thank providence for stray cats or I might never have owned one. I’ll always be a goth at heart. I’ve never been able to […]

Batman and Me

Batman – many happy returns!

I’ve been a Bat-Fan since I was a kid. I still vividly remember drawing a portrait of Jack Nicholson’s Joker from the cover of the Radio Times. Tim Burton’s eponymous Batman movie hit the theatres back in 1989, and I was 11 years old, just under age for this first movie to have received the […]