About me_ Geen Geenie 2015The Geen Geenie, is Bridgeen Gillespie, an opinionated artist and writer in recovery….

When not reviewing pop culture artifacts like books, make-up, exhibitions and audio visuals, with style and substance, this blog sometimes investigates memory, positive mental health, and the psychology of the Artist.

About The Geen Geenie :

As a freelance writer I’ve had articles published in various magazines covering diverse topics, often providing original photography accompaniment. I continue to review books for Children’s Books Ireland to the present day.

In a previous life as a writer / illustrator (2001- 2010), I created short comics culminating with strips featured in acclaimed ‘Accent UK’ Anthologies (Robots, Zombies and Western), and a solo work ‘These City Walls’  supported by the Arts Council Northern Ireland.

And as a fiction writer I contributed short stories to Elephant Words spanning a period from 2009 -2012. Eventually publishing 36 of my best pieces as a collection, Flash Fiction, with each story accompanied with it’s own photo- illustration in 2014.




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