I was a 90’s Arts Student

The current wave of Nineties nostalgia fills me with bitter-sweet joy. I guess because I was there, even if much of it felt like an out-of-body experience. And I have the documents to prove it! I recently uncovered a huge archive belonging to my teenage self; everything from photos, artifacts, essays and diaries, even academic reports. I’m amazed at the sheer quantity of documentation I kept. It’s as though I knew, even through the fug of my adolescent confusion, that my future self would need to make sense of all this at some later date.art-student-me-1st-term-uni-1996

This blog is a love-letter to the misguided art student that I was, just a dumb kid in need of love and support. She also did some pretty bizarre stuff as a contemporary creative arts student, which I’ll be telling you about here. Sometimes funny, occasionally pathetic, and often a little absurd. This is her story:

I was a 90s Arts Student