Bowie Inspired Hair – I was a 90s glam rock pixie

As a Creative Arts student in the 90’s I didn’t know I had ‘Bowie hair’ until one of my lecturers pointed it out. I won’t deny it was often red. And short, which was both ‘in’ at the time, due to the ‘encouragement’ (peer pressure) of a boy with a thing for pixie cuts. I’m late to the party but a recent Instagram meme of 2016/2006 comparisons inspired me to take you back a further 10 years to the days before digital cameras… To my first year as a BA Hons student with a penchant for David Bowie hair….


Low and Diamond Dogs were the sonic backdrop to this art student’s existence. At 19 my short-lived androgynous forward falling bob was my nod to Thomas Jerome Newton. I loved this cut, and it’s choppier black counterpart popularized by Suede and Elastica. Even though I’ve never felt quite cool enough to pull it off,  I keep coming back to try.


As first year progressed my hair got shorter and brighter and I debuted my ‘waif Ziggy’ look. I was rediscovering  the ‘Spiders from Mars’ and Aladdin Sane albums, channeling Bowie’s glam phase.  Later the following year Velvet Goldmine hit the cinemas, I caught a screening at the Corner House Manchester. Something of the 70’s was definitely in the air.


Throughout my uni-years I oscillated wildly between red hair and black, as my inner goth and my manic pixie Delirium fought it out.  And yes, that is me with a (real) baby rabbit. If there was a small animal on campus, then you could bet on me to find it.

I’m writing this in Feb 2017, and something about this transitional time of year makes me want to shed my skin and become someone else. Perhaps I learned it from Bowie the easiest way to do this is by changing my hair…



  1. You remind me of my youngest daughter. She’s nineteen, has a poster of Bowie/Ziggy on her wall and her hair is either pink or lilac. Oh, and she’s an art student who loves make-up 🙂

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  2. 😀 suits you well! especially the one with the baby rabbit!

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