Seasons Greetin- A Melancholy Christmas Playlist

I’m one of those people who struggles at Christmas. This holiday period makes me feel sad, nostalgic, lonely and a little lost. Good job Xmas tunes are so cheerful then, eh? Oh wait- What?! If you have Scots heritage you might know that ‘Greetin‘ also means crying. So why don’t you pop on this playlist and join me for a weep? (Seriously, If you’re feeling less than emotionally resilient proceed with caution). 
Geenie’s Seasons Greetin’s Playlist on Spotify :


Featuring (links to youtube) : 

  • The Pretenders 2,000 Miles (…I miss you!)
  • U2- Christmas ( … baby, please come home!)
  • Frankie Goes to Hollywood – The Power of Love (… “I’ll protect you from the hooded claw, keep  the vampires from your door” – most romantic line ever!)
  • Freiheit- Keeping the Dream Alive (not actually Wings era Paul McCartney, nor an actual Xmas song, but boy does it sound like one).
  • East 17 – Stay another Day (‘sad’ break-up song, ubiquitous Xmas 1994)
  • Bowie & Bing- Little Drummer Boy (an odd but earnest pairing, welcome to the alt-trad section…)
  • Jona Lewis- Stop the Cavalry (an eternal solider’s wish? To be home for Xmas.)
  • Chris de Burgh- A Spaceman Came Travelling (prophetic aliens, a classy list!)
  • Tori Amos- Winter (here comes the piano section…)
  • Kate Bush – Misty (…”What kind of spirit is this? Our one and only tryst”…)
  • Howard Blake – Walking in the Air ( the original Snowman, are you crying yet?) And finally a palette cleanser:
  • Girls Aloud- Untouchable (not a Christmas release but should’ve been. Best lyric -“Without any meaning we’re just skin and bone, Like beautiful robots dancing alone”).

So Seriously, WTF XMAS? What is it about this holiday that inspires heartbreaking songs of love and loss? Luckily, unlike Zach in Gremlins’ girlfriend, I don’t have a specific Xmas trauma. But it’s a season that can highlight lack, rather than abundance for me. There’s a mindfulness exercise there somewhere, that I should use this holiday to appreciate the things I do have, rather than feel sore about things I don’t. Easier said than done. So, I’ll leave you with THIS Christmas cheer, a hymn to positive action:

“Make it so, make it so, make it so”….

Merry Christmas Everyone, and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year.


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  1. Clare Pearson · · Reply

    Great stuff B – love these tunes. xoxoxoxoxoxx


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