Declutter your Digital Life – Why I’m hitting ‘Unsubscribe’.

Minimalism is an idea that has risen to prominence in 2016. Although there are conflicting opinions on what Minimalism is, and why you should try it. And while ‘internet minimalism’ looks a lot like an alternative lifestyle trend, I believe true minimalism has ties to mindfulness and living intentionally.

I particularly like the attitude of YouTuber Anthony Ongaro of ‘Break the Twitch’. His approach to minimalism is 3 prong focusing on: minimizing distractions, building good habits, and creating opportunities. He acknowledges that minimalism might be different for everyone, and you should only declutter as much as you feel is necessary for you.

I was inspired by his mins-game video to declutter my digital life. So instead of getting rid of small items every day, I am clearing out unwanted emails by unsubscribing. I’ve made it a daily task to click the unsubscribe link on every marketing email I get that I either don’t want, won’t read, or will delete days from now out of guilt anyway. I’ve already unsubscribed from dozens of mailing lists in the last few days.

Personally I find the idea of decluttering attractive, particularly as a means to free up my focus. It’s intriguing to see what ‘interests’ I’m unsubscribing from that no longer suit or serve me. Who will I be when I’m done? What new opportunities will I be open to when I can see past the crap I thought I should be into?

I plan to continue unsubscribing throughout December, stopping at New Year’s to review what’s left. It feels like a fitting way to see out the old year by making room for the new.  If you feel like joining me in my ‘Digital Declutter December’ adventure, you’re more than welcome. I recommend unsubscribing to at least one thing every day and just see how you go.

I’d love to hear about your experiences of digital decluttering, and I’ll catch up with you for a recap in January 2017!

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  1. I’ve been on a mad unsubscribe spree, and I’ve forgotten half of the lists I’ve unsubscribed from – which says it all! I really need to have a physical declutter – again, if I can’t remember I have it, do I really need it?

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  2. There’s so much we all subscribe to and find that trying to wade through the inbox ankle deep in email sludge that we never find the time to read, pity the refresh keystroke doesn’t do as the name suggests, basically I agree, we should all have a go

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  3. My previous comment needs to be weird, in other words there is a we’re missing, sorry, the homophone’s not bad though


  4. anne · · Reply

    I do this annually and it always feels really nice to get rid of junk. I also have a completely separate email account dedicated to subscriptions and other impersonal things (Freecycle, etc.). It’s really nice because it allows me to take breaks as needed simply by not checking that account.

    Another thing that I try to do at least once a year is to go through my RSS feeds and blog subscriptions – sometimes I just lose interest in topics.

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  5. Ugh, inbox 5 thousand. was a great unsubscribe tool for me (it’s free). However, it’s now such a big list I avoid looking at it altogether.

    My biggest issue this year aside from email is my enormous, ever-growing digital photo library. I started Keepers Only to help declutter that piece of the digital pie. The gist is you upload as many images as you like, and then experts select your best photos for you. With those identified, you could get rid of the rest. Check it out! Thanks!


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