Life Lately … October edition

Here’s a little up date on what’s currently floating my boat. Lately I’ve been…

Watching: Luke Cage, and Big Bang Theory (series 9). Can’t say either of these are really doing it for me, but I’m all out of shows that I love right now.


Obsessing: over Bjork and Radiohead’s old music videos. Fascinated by Bjork’s recurrence of ’emotional landscapes’ and Radiohead’s films and animations as visualisations of ‘time’.

Reading: I had to give up on re-reading Iain Banks ‘The Wasp Factory‘, I just can’t stomach animal cruelty and the ‘grim for grim’s sake’. I’m racing through Come as You Are however, by Emily Nagoski, an essential read about the psychology of sexuality and stress.

Hair styling: Still blonde but I’ve gone for the chop for a fresh start without bleach damage. It’s technically an asymmetric bob with very short bangs and I’ve been cutting into it to make it more my own. I’m still not quite there yet. I’m aiming for white blond by xmas.


Idolising: I don’t really have a style idol at the moment, but I’m feeling 90’s Patricia Arquette.

Worrying: about aging, ill health of others , and weight gain from medication.

Feeling: tired a lot from working full time hours (it’s only 6 months since my spinal op). Also feeling frustrated and a little jealous when I see artist friends doing their own thing.

Wanting: a microphone to do some recording for future projects and blog posts.

Needing: to find my niche/direction and creative discipline again.


I’ve decided to do my own version of ‘taking stock‘ with only the bits most relevant to me. You can find my sporadic life updates from now on filed under Lately I ….


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