Life Lately… Summer’s End

This summer’s been far from uneventful. I’ve been busy with job interviews, grand days out, and the odd gig for good measure. Taking stock I’ve been…

Enjoying: working in a University environment for the first time in years
Waiting: for payday before I buy anything
Hoping: I’ll be temping for more than a few weeks
Liking: Being blonde again, and will probably go lighter still

Dirty blonde Summer 16

Sorting: my wardrobe…
Getting: rid of anything that doesn’t fit or feel good.
Smelling: of Paul Smith Rose, one of my summer scents.
Wearing: Shirt dresses with leggings, black vests and jeans. (I’m a 90’s throwback).

Playing: Old mix tapes from twenty years ago!
Looking: through old letters and keep-sakes
Cringing: at old diaries (and secretly loving them too).
Admiring: my younger self’s instinct, capacity for love, hope and wisdom.

Considering: signing up for driving lessons (a bit scary, too adult?)
Questioning: my need for ‘achievement’ – writing/further study/career goals?
Knowing: It can’t rain all the time.
Thinking: Youth is wasted on the young.

Charles Burns The Hive trilogy

Surreal Horror -Charles Burns – The Hive trilogy

Reading: Charles Burns Trilogy, and Quiet by Susan Cain
Realising: I’m not weird, I’m just an introvert !
Wanting: a smart-casual capsule wardrobe for work
Coveting: An Inglot custom palette, Castlecourt Belfast has a new stall.

Following: more Youtube channels, I recommend Goodbadflicks
Watching: iZombie series 1, and I just finished Stranger Things
Seeing: The Corrs, live. OMG! This one’s for teenage Geenie!
Listening: to podcasts from Adam Buxton and Imaginary Worlds.

The-Corrs- I heart Andrea

The-Corrs- I heart Andrea

So that’s what my life looks like lately.  My Taking Stock feature was inspired by my friend Chiaki and is originated by Meet me at Mikes where you can find all the ‘questions’ to respond to. Do you take stock too? How has Summer ’16  been treating you?


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  1. Currently Reading: Mantissa by John Fowles, and Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow, by Jerome K Jerome.

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