Travel Blog- Grand Days out in Glasgow

Glasgow is fast becoming one of my favourite cities to visit. It’s compactly cosmopolitan and has a rich heritage in the arts and sciences which makes for inspiring places to visit. This year I explored the nooks and crannies of the Hunterian Collections at Glasgow University and strolled through the glass-houses of the 200-year-old Botanic Gardens.

Days out in Glasgow

Grand day our in Glasgow- Clockwise top right: Calcaigh skull / my name on Glasgow University gates / Marble tile collection / Snake diagram illustration (Do you speak Parcel-tongue?)

I love Victorian Collections and Natural History displays whether of gruesome medical equipment or pretty rock collections. And it’s true, I’ve a fondness for skulls and skeletons of all kinds.  It became apparent to me visiting Edinburgh and Glasgow museums a couple of years ago where a lot of J K Rowling’s Potter-verse inspiration comes from! (In the Hunterian there is a chair with a magic stone that medical students must sit on to be approved as worthy graduates!)

Days out in Glasgow

Grand Days out in Glasgow – The Botanic Gardens. Perhaps my most favourite glass house was this one full of carnivorous ‘pitcher’ plants, so alien. Real-life Triffids! (Click to embiggen).

I also enjoyed some more contemporary pursuits, taking in an open air gig at the newly refurbished Kelvingrove Bandstand, and checking out the multiplex cinema at the epic Silverburn mall. The pubs in Glasgow’s East-end were fun too. Craft beers and pub quizzes were just the ticket for a good night out!

If you liked this you might enjoy my recommendations from my previous Scotland trips  here. And if you like your visitor attractions spooky, I spotlighted some great Gothic places to visit here.


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