“See my life in a comic” ~ David Bowie

Reality Album CoverOn one of my least favourite Bowie albums, lives one of my most favourite songs: New Killer Star.  With lyrics of postmodern juxtapositions like “Jesus on dateline”, and post apocalyptic (or simply post 9/11) imagery invoking scars on the skyline. It’s been suggested the song’s title itself is a play on G.W Bush’s mispronunciation of ‘nuclear‘.Fast forward to 2016 when it’s these lyrics that catch me by surprise –

See my life in a c
omic, like the way they did the Bible, with the bubbles and action, the little details in colour…”

David Bowie -Comic- colourist bridgeen gillespie(colour added by me, I couldn’t help myself)

Well here’s a curio of co-inkydinks from my Bowie archives … I have just such a comic, published in 1993 and purchased in Covent Garden London in 2003 the year of Reality’s release. It loosely details Bowie’s rise to fame and like Velvet Goldmine, hails the 70’s as his glory days. The editor even goes so far as to say Bowie lost touch with reality in the 80’s. Which is ironic really as Bowie’s later albums went on to show what a firm grasp on reality he really had.

David Bowie Life in a Comic

more images from the Bowie bio-comic 


But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Bowie in a comic (and something tells me it won’t be the last). He has a curious way of turning up right where you might expect him to… Look out for my other post on Bowie in comics tracing his many appearances in The Sandman comic series here.

David Bowie Life in a Comic

Reality – The Life and Times of David Robert Jones



  1. “Images” had a great Bowie cartoon strip. Very, “Yellow Submarine” like. There’s also a very long cartoon book, complete with intricate story from the “1.Outside” period. And “Saturn”, Simon Jacobs’ great little Bowie short story book, has lots of comic sketches.

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    1. Art Crime was the name of the Outside comic…

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    2. I haven’t heard of any of those. I just looked up the Outside comic and it seems very little is known about it and it had a very limited run as a an album promotion in Mexico? Curious and curiouser, I’d love to see it. http://remezcla.com/music/david-bowie-mexican-comic-book/


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