Worth the hype? Youtube made me buy it!

Watch enough make-up tutorials on Youtube and you’ll be sucked into a whirlwind of beauty brand hype. Seasoned viewers grow wary of beauty-guru videos becoming adverts, with many ‘influencers’ collaborating with brands on products and promotions. While I wish Youtubers luck, (it’s a brave new world), their videos can leave viewers with unreasonably high expectations and f.o.m.o on the ‘must have’ cult products. Without further ado,
Here are five make-up disappointments Youtube hype made me buy:

Not worth the hype- Make up Youtube made me buy

1~ Maybelline 24hr tattoo– So many videos and blogs raved about these little pots that I thought I must be missing something. I struggled to find the shade for me, but found them generally too dark, muddy, sticky on the lids, difficult to blend, unflattering on hooded eyes and with glitter particles that transfer everywhere. I really tried, but there was no love.

2 ~ Too-Faced Palettes– Good luck watching a make-up video that doesn’t mention them! The Chocolate Bar palette series launched a bevy of imitators, but how many are better than the real thing? I only own one palette by this brand, but sadly the shadows’ staying power and colour intensity is disappointing, so I do wonder if their reputation is legit?

3 ~ LA Spash Liquid Lipsticks–Matte Insta-perfection eludes me with liquid lipstick. Perhaps the perfect pout was as unattainable as the major U.S brands just out of reach? Then beauty bay started stocking LA Splash and I found they weren’t a lot better than these. So far, my fave liquid lipsticks have been ebay knock-offs. What does that say about the hype machine?

4 ~ Zoeva Palettes–Disappointingly Zoeva palettes can be inconsistent with occasional duds. The cocoa blend palette boasts quality shadows in a nice selection of shades but it’s no rival to Urban Decay’s shimmers or Make-up Revolution’s mattes. Zoeva offer lovely selections and killer packaging, but don’t bring anything new to the party.  Good yes, but not quite great.

5 ~ Make-up Geek shadows – This brand is so unbelievably hyped right now, it’s a challenge to find a negative review anywhere on the internet. This beauty brand is founded by a youtuber, taking the market by storm by offering individual shadows comparable to Mac single shadows at a fraction of the price. I was sucked in, especially by Manny MUA’s covetable limited edition palette, which was impossible to get! So I slowly built a small palette, buying each shadow and the magnetic palette separately.
What I discovered was not all MUG shades were created equal.  They can be stiff, and dry, with mediocre pay off, not all as buttery soft and blend-able as the advocates suggest. Overall Make-up Geek shadows are OK, they’re not horrible, but not A-MAZ-ING either. I’ve tried cheaper brands that are as good if not better (MUR/Wet N Wild/Zoeva). I honestly feel a bit cheated by the hype. I hoped my custom palette would be my one palette to rule them all.  It ended up being one of my most expensive regrets.


So, most of these regret purchases are not bad products per se, but the disappointment left a bitter taste in my mouth from their performance not being as awesome as the hype. (Who says I’m immune to the subtle all-pervasive powers of advertising?) Anyway I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. What products didn’t live up to the hype for you? Or tell me about your experience of internet hype machine in comments below…



  1. I bought that Dior Nail Glow (which is kind of a pink-tinted clear polish that was supposed to make your nails look amazing) after seeing it on a blog. It’s ok, but not worth the price, luckily I had a gift card to Sephora so I didn’t spend my own money. It was WAY over-hyped. P.S. I like your new blog layout (or at least it’s new to me:)

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    1. I’ve managed to miss that one Keeley! Sorry to hear it was a let down. And thanks, yes it is a new (ish) layout. I can’t quite remember when I sapped over (before xmas maybe?) But thank you for noticing 😉


  2. Jeffree Star Liquid Lippie, as much as I love how it looks I really hate that sticky feeling that I mentioned somewhere – and damn I wish I would know why it does this 😦 other than that I regret spending so much on companies that test on animals before I knew how to find out if they do or don’t… So probably that would be A LOT and yes, many of these I bought partly because of blogs or youtube XD

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    1. Yeah, liquid lipstick is one of those products I want to love, but it’s difficult to get a good one. And I would like to be more aware of the animal testing brands too, there is a lot of fudging the facts that goes on. I’m never sure which brands are really cruelty free 😦


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