A BRIT-POP of Colour from butter LONDON

Recently Butter LONDON were kind enough to send me some products to review (lady’s choice) after I raved about their polish and lip-gloss I bought online. I was excited to try more of their cool quirky line in cosmetics, so I chose a ‘Cheeky’ cream blush, matte lipstick ‘Lippy’ and ‘Wink’ liquid eye-liner for my review.

Butter London Make up- review

Firstly butter’s colour selection is not for the faint hearted! These lip and cheek colours are very pigmented and would work brilliantly on darker skin tones as well as pale ‘uns like me. To me the Wink, Cheeky and Lippy products are statement pieces, perfect if you want a pop of colour and your focus is on either eyes, lips or cheeks. The trick is to find a colour you love and really rock it shamelessly.

Butter London- Lippy Matte Lipsticks

The 3 matte lipsticks all look different in the bullet, but I found surprisingly similar on the lips. They are all variations of bright hot pink, 1. ‘Macbeth‘ slightly coral toned, 2. ‘Loved up‘ true fuchsia, and 3. ‘Ruby Murray‘ a bright wine red. All are punchy shades, perfect for summer make-up when you want a bold lip. Just pair with a lick of eyeliner and a groomed brow and you’re good to go! Colour wise the same is true of the cream blush. I imagined ‘Abbey Rose’ might be subtle, but it’s a strong rouge that requires blending and would look as amazing on brown skin, as fair cool toned skin.

Butter London-cream blush

My favourite product was the Wink eyeliner pen in ‘Union Jack black‘. I love liquid eyeliner and I’m always on the lookout for the perfect applicator. Most felt tip eyeliner pens I’ve tried in the past have let me down by drying out too fast, having product flow issues, and not creating an intense enough line. But Wink is the best pen type liquid eyeliner I’ve tried. The lightweight pen has comfortable grips and a long thin felt tip that is perfect for getting close to the lashes and creating a straight line with minimum effort. A great liquid liner for beginners and pros alike.

Butter LONDON - make-up review

Butter LONDON are of course famous for their nail polishes. As a bonus I was gifted 2 shades and a top coat to test out; ‘Slapper’ a gorgeous teal blue and ‘Rather Red’ in Patent Shine x10 formula. Rather Red is my ideal dark blood-red, a kind of signature shade for me. Both polishes looked their best after two coats, and if you are using the Butter LONDON top coat you can expect your colour to last around a week before showing signs of chipping. (You can prevent staining and boost staying power by wearing a nude base layer underneath too, Butter London make one, but I’ve used my own here.)

Butter London- nail polish and lipsticks

I really enjoyed trying these out. The packaging is very original and expensive looking, I loved the outer boxes with the blue pattern featuring the crow inside. Each product looked slick and classy despite the ‘cheeky-chappy’ names. The glossy black lipstick casing is metal and has a substantial weight. They really feel like a high-end treasure in your hands. It was a nice touch to have a mirror in the cream blush compact and the finger grips on the eyeliner pen too. The matte lipsticks aren’t dry and they don’t drag on the skin like some do, however they are not a true matte. I’d describe them as semi-matte or satin finish, they are very comfortable on, but they do transfer quite a bit as they don’t dry down completely. Definitely not snog-proof! So do watch out for that if you try them.

The make-up products from butter LONDON can be found here, and if you are interested in nail polishes click here. The online sale is still going too so bag yourself a bargain!


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