Gourmand Fragrances- My Top Five

Perfumes to me are like a tonic, a real pick-me-up, or a comforting hug from a friend.  My love of scent goes hand in hand with my love affair with make-up, they have the same origin story. My earliest fragrances as a 90’s teen included Arden’s Red Door, Dior’s Poison body lotion and a glitter gel fragrance from Avon called Odyssey. (Très sophistiqué!)

Gourmand fragrance recommendations

My preference is rather gourmand these days, Here are five of my present day favourite fragrances that are good enough to eat:

Hynotic Poison- DiorHypnotic Poison Edt – Vanilla & Licorice
A throw back to my teenage days, I LOVE the over the top, warm spicy vanilla scent. There is definitely a hit of licorice to the eau de toilette version adding a dark twist,  keeping it from getting too sickly. Save it for special occasions.

Valentio UomoValentino Uomo Edt – Chocolate Hazelnut Liqueur
If you could bottle christmas I think it would smell like this! Never one to shy away from a ‘masculine fragrance’ Uomo reminds me of high-backed leather seats, whiskey warming in a heavy glass, and the bitterness of dark chocolate. Sultry and sexy, when I wear this I smell like someone I’d like to date! Definitely a wicked wintertime warmer.

Alien Eau ExtraordinaireAlien Eau extraordinare Edt – Soft Citrus & Green Tea
A subtle citrus scent version of my beloved Alien with notes of neroli, (white orange blossom), bergamot and green tea. Sophisticated, calming and very grown up, this one reminds me of my favourite Earl Grey tea. Great all year round.

Paul Smith RosePaul Smith Rose Edp – Sweet Rose
Rose may be traditionally considered ‘floral’, but think rosewater infused Middle-eastern dishes or the taste of pink Turkish delight, and rose is definitely gourmand. This simple fragrance is a fresh as rain on rose petals and as soothing sweet rose tea. The ‘vintage’ edge is sharpened with a hint of citrus,  making a refreshing summer scent.

Black Opium YSLBlack Opium Edp – Sweet Black Coffee
A jasmine based fragrance which to me comes off like vanilla with a strong hit of sweet black coffee on first spray. The EDT version (with subtle pink glitter bottle) is considerably different, with the coffee replaced with dark fruity notes of black currant and orange blossom. I love both and layering them gives great staying power, but its the caffeine punch of the EDP that I couldn’t live without. Works best in winter.

Black Opium EDT vs EDP

Some strong fragrances can give me migraines so I am careful to test before I commit. A light application helps, as can opting for the less potent eau de toilette version of a perfume. However beware, new fragrance lines deliberately vary the scent from Edp to Edt versions, along with the price tag. So it’s worth paying close attention to which version you fell in love with, or you could be disappointed.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into my perfume preferences. I noticed when compiling this that my favourite fragrances have much in common with my taste in herbal teas and hot drinks!  And disclaimer time, this post was written entirely for fun and is not sponsored in any way. I have linked to Escentuals in the perfume titles for your information only. (Although I have purchased from there before and found their prices competitive and the service impeccable.) And if like me you enjoy perfume reviews, check out Fragrantica for other fragrance enthusiasts waxing lyrical on their favourite scents.

Have I mentioned any of your favourites here? Do you have any ‘good enough to eat’ recommendations of your own? I’d love to hear about them in the comments…


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