Spring Nails and Vampy Lips from Butter London

It’s the little things that I’ve been living for lately (like glittery nails), and a surprise gift from a friend prompted me to check out Butter London where I got myself some treats in their sale.
Butter London Sale goodies

My friend Chiaki and I share a fondness for Bowie best described as reverent, (lol) and things of a glam rock nature sometimes make it into our collective sense of style. As part of a super-sweet care package she sent me this fab bright blue glitter polish called Scallywag.

Butter London-Scallywag blue glitter polish

I loved it so much I had to check out what else Butter London had on offer. I caught their online sale and I bought what was to me Scallywag‘s obvious sister shade Swinger, a bright glitter green with a warm undertone.  These two colours together resonated with my inner art student who used to buy glitter dust 2 for 1 in the pound shop (dollar-store) and wear green on one eye and blue on the other as a Bowie tribute!

butter london - Spring nails and Vamp lipsOut of curiosity I also picked up a ‘Lippy’ liquid lip shade in La Moss, although these are glosses from Butter London,  not the matte liquid lipstick you would expect by the name. La Moss is a thick dark black-currant gloss, that you can layer up for a more opaque look. This finish is glossy with a little translucence, but not super sticky and it’s quite comfortable to wear. It reminds me of my favourite Clinque ‘Almost lipstick’ Black Honey from back in the day. I’ve never been much of a lip gloss girl, but one has to agree the look is more authentically 90’s than the super dry matte lips of today.

Butter London- Nails and Lips - La Moss Lippy

So here’s a quick snapshot of the Butter London lippy and nail polish in action. The glitter polishes boast small but dense glitter particles but require building up in two coats. They work best with a base coat of a neutral shade or something very similar to the glitter, as the formula dry down is quite dry and given to chipping.  A top coat might help too.

Swinger - Butter London - peridot glitter green polish

So what do you think of my take on Spring colours? Would these work for you? I had fun trying out a fancy brand for a fraction of the price but the pound-shop will always be my fave place to pick up polishes.  Have you ever tried Butter London, what did you think?
I’ll love to hear your faves or recommendations in the comments below. x



  1. I love those colors!
    Butter London is my favorite nail polish brand, with Wallis being my favorite shade.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OOOOHHHH! Thanks for the recommendation! You are a lady after my own heart. I love a metallic olive/beetle green 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. […] Butter LONDON were kind enough to send me some products to review (lady’s choice) after I raved about their polish and lip-gloss I bought online. I was excited to try more of their cool quirky line in cosmetics, so I chose a […]


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