Life Lately… Post OP Spring edition

If you can’t take stock after a serious operation then when can you? Here’s where I’m at so far this Spring:

Making : Good progress in my recovery from spinal surgery
Reading: Lots of lovely books and comics people have sent as get well gifts!
Wanting: To be well enough to enjoy the spring weather.
Looking: Forwards to being able to dye my hair, my (brown & grey) roots are bugging me.
Currently reading - get well soon books and comics
Playing: David Bowie, never knowing which track will make me cry
Missing: the Devonshire Arms and the old Intrepid Fox (London)
Wishing: “ I had a photograph of you, or something to remind me
Liking: Myself a lot more these days

Pondering: What’s next, volunteering, up-skilling, further education, creative projects?
Buying: Make-up like it was a mood enhancer.
Watching: Brooklyn Nine Nine (Gina is my spirit animal).
Hoping: I will be able to wear my fancy clogs when my back is better.

Marvelling: at ways we hold ourselves back and how self-limiting fear is.
Needing: Lots of time to rest, and recuperate
Smelling: Essential oils and scented candles courtesy of my dear Chiaki
Wearing: Long layers, leggings with everything, and soft sole clogs.

90s rose crown and choker

Having a Kahlo moment

Noticing: How differently we encounter, understand and manifest pain, both mental and physical
Knowing: Self compassion is key (And remember the other person is you).
Deciding: Life is too short to live it unhappy. 
Bookmarking: Stuff on being an Artist, and what that means

Feeling: Glad to be alive, and full of the joys of Spring!
Snacking: On lots of Green & Blacks and other posh chocolates.
Hearing: Lots of music created by amazingly talented friends.
Understanding: Finally, the value of forgiveness

My Taking Stock feature was inspired by my friend Chiaki and is a regular feature at Meet me at Mikes where you can find all the questions to respond to. Do you take stock too? What does Spring ’16 look like for you?


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  1. This makes me incredibly happy! There’s so much self awareness, joy and excitement here. I clearly need to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Make-up *is* a mood enhancer, my dear. 😉 You will have to teach me all you know about forgiveness when I visit. I’m really struggling with it. No pressure, of course! I’m so glad that you feel positive and are doing recovery right. ❤ X

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