February Favourites- TOP 5 Beauty Buys

February is one of my favourite months featuring my birthday, valentines day, the beginning of spring, Imbolc, and the Chinese New Year. All celebrations that make me happy! (And since I’m facing a scary health situation I’d like to dwell on happy). So without further ado, here are my Top 5 beauty buys for spring:

Love -Alien Edp Thierry Mugler

Alien edp Thierry Mugler
I recently succumbed to the Alien’s charms and got a fragrance set with shower gel and body creme for my birthday. Now I want to collect this scent in every available form it comes in! I’m in love. Such a sweet combination of other worldy wood and jasmine aromas. I could eat myself when I wear it!

Rimmel Fix and Protect makeup primer

Rimmel Fix and Protect Primer
Another product I’m new to. I’ve always been dismissive of primers thinking good make-up shouldn’t need it, but I saw this on sale and though I’d try. This one is opaque white and gives a brighter base and some extra UV protection with SPF 25. I use it on days when I feel I need some extra coverage, and it creates a satisfyingly smooth surface to apply make-up to.

Maybelline Master Shape- brown pencil

Maybelline Master Brow pencil
No ordinary eyebrow pencil, Maybelline Master Brow is brow pomade in pencil form. I fill in my brows with shadow, then trace over with this baby, and carefully brush through with the spoolie end to slick my eyebrows into place. I picked this for less than £2 on offer, so I bought two. The wax ‘lead’ is so soft, I expect I’ll go through these quite quickly.

Maybelline UV BB Cream Japan

Maybelline (Japan) 8 in 1 UV BB Cream (SPF 50)
A win from Pound-Land! Obviously Maybelline BB cream, but in oriental packaging. I’d no idea what colour I was buying but since I’m pale and yellow toned, I figured there was a chance this shade could work for me. It’s actually lighter than Maybelline Dream BB cream ‘light’, with a slightly thinner and less greasy formula . I bought two, the other one is slightly darker, but still lighter than regular ‘light’. Click here if you want to see the two shades. Basically, they’re perfect for me. Very happy bargain beauty bunny!

Pur Minerals Soul Mattes Palette review

Pür Minerals Soul Mattes Palette
You know I love a red/rust grunge-y eye shadow palette. (I’ve written about them here and here). My latest acquisition ‘Soul Mattes’ is an all matte mineral eye shadow palette from cruelty free American brand Pür, now available in the UK though Beauty Bay and M&S.  The shades range from pale pinks and mauves, to burgundy and earthy red browns. You can see a few shades swatched above.
A little stiff in the pan at first, I recommend stroking these to warm them up, and apply light shades directly with your finger tips. Darker shades can then be blended with a fluffy brush for a smokey effect. It took me a few applications to get the hang of these but now I really love how they blend out so diffusely with no hard lines or gradients.

February Favourites- make up and beauty

Hope you enjoyed my February picks. I had fun with the photos! What are your favourite beauty products this year so far?  And what’s been your best pound shop / dollar store bargain? I’d love to hear about it in the comments 😉



  1. Alien is my favorite scent too! It’s amazing! Great post!


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  2. Alien indeed is a nice scent, have a workmate that uses it daylie and always find myself ‘sniffing’ XD

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  3. […] Eau extraordinare Edt – Soft Citrus & Green Tea A subtle citrus scent version of my beloved Alien with notes of neroli, (white orange blossom), bergamot and green tea. Sophisticated, calming and […]


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