Easy on the Eyes by Lisa Potter-Dixon Book Review

Easy on the Eyes is a make-up tutorial book from Lisa Potter-Dixon, head make-up and trend artist for Benefit cosmetics. A great marketing exercise for the brand, as the prominent product photos used throughout are almost entirely by Benefit. Aimed at make-up novices and those who’ve never experimented with their techniques,  the premise of Easy on the Eyes is to offer a range of looks for all levels of ability that range in complexity and take between 5, 15 or 30 minutes to complete.

Easy on the Eyes- Book review-Benefit

As a book, Easy on the Eyes is beautifully packaged with a hard back cover, textured canvas-like finish and embossed title. However the grey and lilac tones seem dated, and the illustration makes a poor cover image considering the strong photography in the book. The hit and miss feelings I have for the cover reflect my feelings for the title on the whole. I picked this up after seeing it on Confetti & Curves 10 Great beauty books list, but I am glad I didn’t pay full price for it.

Benefit Makeup Book- Easy on the Eyes

The pros of Easy on the Eyes include:

  • Stylish model and product photography throughout the book.
  • A good selection of skin types, ages and colour represented by diverse models.
  • Covers all the basics of what different products do and how to use them, from mascara to false lashes, great for the make-up beginner.
  • Covers the need for /a uses of more specialised products like concealers and primers, highlighters and brow treatments.
  • Lots of enthusiasm and encouragement to experiment- for example try using one product in multiple ways, use lipstick as rouge, or gloss on the eyes.
  • Diagrams and step by step guides- I liked the page on eye shapes and complimentary shades for specific eye colours.Make-up tutorials-Easy on the Eyes-Benefit

However, the cons for me of Easy on the Eyes are:

  • Basic- The level of information maybe too basic for some readers
  • Filler- I don’t really care about the Make-up artist’s back story, or seeing pics of her at fashion week.
  • Overdone – A lot of the looks lack subtlety, maybe so they would photograph better? Idk, but the 1980s called and they want their purple eye shadows and blue mascaras back.
  • Garish- some of the looks are a bit out there and go a bit beyond experimental. Some of the examples I can’t see appealing to anyone e.g. weird unaccompanied pink eyeliner (pink eye anyone?) Or covering your eyes with rhinestones (ouch!)
  • Cheesy titles- Lots of headings feature puns like the kind you get on Benefit products, it gets grating. Proving it is possible to try too hard for a rhyme.
    Easy on the Eyes book- Bold Colour Make-up Looks- Lisa potter dixon

Ultimately,  I wasn’t wowed by Easy on the Eyes as a make-up master class. But in the age of the Youtube beauty guru I’m not sure if any make-up tutorial book can compete. Perhaps books are useful to refer back to, but they can’t keep up with the change in trends and beauty product innovations that You-tube creators can address instantly. Nothing quite beats seeing a video demonstration of a make-up enthusiast carefully talking through their techniques.
Easy On the Eyes-Book-ReviewI hope you enjoyed the review of Easy on the Eyes. Would you buy it? And what do you think about make-up tutorial books? Are they headed the way of the Dodo, extinct in the face of online make-up tutorials? Or have I just not found the right book yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Well, books can be nice for inspiration… not sure if i would enjoy tutorial books though o_O prefer to try myself than following exactly someones tutorials…


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