David Bowie Blackstar Design Elements – Free Download for Personal Use

If like me, you are having a hard time getting your head ’round David Bowie’s shocking passing then this just might be the memento for you:

David Bowie Blackstar design elements- free download

Design studio Barnbrook were lucky enough to have worked with Bowie on his last five albums,  producing the controversial art work for The Next Day, and one of my personal favourite covers,  the iconoclastic Heathen. To honour their precious working relationship Barnbrook have decided to release the design elements from the art work for  Blackstar, (font included) for personal, not for profit use. You can find it all here:  Blackstar Art Barnbrook

David Bowie Blackstar- eyes- design element free downloadI’m particularly fond of the design element below, found directly under the star on the Blackstar album cover. To me this clearly spells the word ‘Bowie’ in cryptic broken star shapes. So subliminal and clever.

David Bowie_Blackstar_Name- Free Design downloads from Barnbrook

Surely I’m not the only one imagining a Bowie tribute tattoo? Will you be downloading the Blackstar * design elements? If so, what will you make?



  1. I just searched Google Images to see if anybody else could see what I saw… and it brought me here. It clearly spells BOWIE to me too. Lovely design…

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    1. This comment made me smile, How lovely to have someone back me up on this one! Yes, it definitely says Bowie 😉


  2. Wow. I had been puzzled by the shapes and spent time reading and re-reading Barnbrook’s account of the cover art. As well as with the posters that I received with the album. Oh and the booklet, and the album itself. I’d not considered this. Good thought! I think I agree with you. Ain’t “other minds” great! And “peer review” process.


  3. Adriana Martorano · · Reply

    Yes, when it was a year since Bowie’s death, I did a tatoo with Barnbrook’s design in tribute to him. Love forever!


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