Happy Hair Colour Accidents: New Year- New Hair 2016

It’s becoming a tradition that  I change my hair for the holidays.  Xmas and New Year can be a bit emotional and I often feel low. But it helps to remember these feelings are temporary. Now I’m aware of my mid-winter ‘wobble’ I anticipate it. Now I change my hair on purpose, not in the emotional knee-jerk/radically irreversible way I used to.

Ruby Red Holiday hair polaroid 2016This year, despite suffering back pain, I met the holidays with gladness. Even so, I still suffered a confidence crisis over my appearance.  But a change is as good as a rest. And I opted for a rich ruby-red, so I can easily return to dark brown/black when I’m ready. Hoping for a subtle effect, I added the red colour over my dark hair. Alas! I should have known better.  The roots lifted but the bulk stayed black. So, I went back over the lengths with pre-lightener for 20 mins, (like I should have done in the first place) and got lucky!  When I rinsed it out I had a rich coppery red overall. No need to re-dye until my roots grow out. Phew, disaster averted!

Red Hair 90s style 1996

Rocking bantu knots like its 1996!

Little did I know my red hair would once again be my Bowie tribute, this time marking his departure from our planet. 😦 Now February and my birthday are here, and this is when my new year really begins. I have one last box of red dye left-then after that who knows ? Back to black maybe? Do you have any hair rituals or ‘pick-me ups’?  I’d love to hear about them. Show me I’m not a weirdo by telling me your hair stories in the comments. And if you want to see my completely different  hair last winter just click here 😉



  1. You know all about my complicated relationship with my hair already, but I just need to say that I love this shade of red on you! X

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    1. Yes indeed, and I’ve always been glad you are as psychologically involved with your hair as I am with mine. Thanks for the red hair encouragement, we are hair twins again at the moment 😉

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  2. That’s actually a really similar shade to the one I dyed my hair this New Year! I love the little bunches. A few days ago I drastically re-shaved my undercut. Got a lot of stares from strangers, and comments from people I know… But I also figured out a cool way to tie up the rest of my hair (which is mostly dreaded) and I’m pleased about that. Basically, doing a high ponytail but looping two of my dreads around it a couple of times and tying them together rather than using a hairband >.<

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    1. Great minds eh Manila? I’m glad you are enjoying having red hair too.x

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    2. Twice, TWICE, I corrected the auro correct on your name Jamila, and it still got through, I’m so sorry!! New tablet and I have not got the hang of it yet. Doh!

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      1. LOL! It’s cool 🙂 Good luck with the new tablet!


  3. LOVE the hair – it’s fab huni, you really suit those tones… very vintage/rocker billie style which I ❤ Looking awesome missy 😀 XXXX


  4. […] with my hair these past couple of months. Despite yearning for raven locks since January and sporting ruby-red tones in their stead, feeling better post op and seeing summer on the way left me feeling ready for […]


  5. […] writing this in Feb 2017, and something about this transitional time of year makes me want to shed my skin and become someone else. Perhaps I learned it from Bowie the easiest […]


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