Why I love Make-up!

As a child in the 80’s I grew up believing cosmetics were as amazing on men as women.  Bowie and Toyah blew my mind tiny five-year-old mind, with their astounding looks and brightly dyed hair. Luckily growing up, my oldest sister was a ‘beauty counter girl’ at the department store. Testers and samples were abundant, and my early exposure to cosmetics was deliciously high-end!

Same Face 4 different make-up looks

The Many Make-Up Looks of Geen Geenie!

My first make-up was simply “handed down” once I was deemed old enough. At fourteen my first products were a hot-pink lipstick and a warm brown kohl pencil from Lancome. Nothing exciting, but to me they made my eyes seem magically bluer. I supplemented these with waterproof mascara (in brown, barely perceptible but school appropriate, from Boots). Who knew these simple items would inspire a lifelong love affair?!

At fifteen I dyed my mid-brown hair black for the first time. My make-up more sophisticated than my age allowed, thanks to my beauty rep sister. I progressed on to ‘Ivory’ pressed power, ‘Black Honey’ Almost Lipstick, and a metallic grey ‘Almost Black’ eyeliner from Clinique! And my best eye-shadow, a matte duo from Helena Rubinstein in earth and stone, a brown and nude-taupe, and mid-90’S essential.

Make-up compact and pocket mirror

By seventeen I’d  discovered Avon and coloured eyeliner pencils. (I wore black as lip-liner with red lips and brown with nude lipsticks!) I had an everything purple phase, featuring mauve shadows and plummy lips. Whereas liquid eyeliner and brown semi-matte lipsticks were my staple.

At art college I discovered the joys of pound shop glitter dust, hair mascara, and bindis with body glitter. I even glued stars on my face with hair gel. With my bright ginger pixie hair cut the late 90’s obsession with 70’s fashions allowed me to channel my inner glam-rock Bowie with impunity.

One face x 6 Hair make overs

Just some of my many hair cuts and colours 2007-2014

In my twenties and thirties I rocked a vintage/ pin-up vibe before returning to my 90’s roots. Always oscillating between the natural look and the outrageous. I learned to tweak my foundation shade to flatter my hair colour, (which has been everything from black, brown, true red, ginger, to blonde, pink and white). And I’ve obsessed over strange eye-shadow shades, (yellow, metallic green, red) and favourite lipsticks formulas and adopted favourite brands along the way.

I love make-up. It’s been with me all of my adult life and it allows me to change my face to suit myself. I grew up feeling plain and over-looked, the “friend with the personality”. But make-up allowed me to be myself and to exaggerate. To paint beauty where I felt none. Like fairy glamour, cosmetics enabled me to enhance what I already had, or to invent something else entirely.

With make-up you get to wipe your face clean and start again every day. You can be who ever you want to be. Few things can make you feel as instantly better than putting on your face can. Call it therapy, or call it war-paint, but for me make-up is Magic. And while I may still have a long way to go, it is the first step to beginning a life-long love affair with my self.



  1. I feel this! I love makeup and don’t feel right without it. It’s my little shield against the world xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree- a little shield against the world is just how I feel too! x


  2. do you remember the tiny avon lipstick samples? i loved them as a kid *lol* how many years have passed… and totally agree with your intro, never seen makeup on men as something strange…


    1. I’m not sure I remember Avon minis, but I’ve definitely had some teeny tiny lipstick samples from Yves Rocher. And I’m glad you agree, men in make-up =Hot! 😉


      1. wish every company would offer tiny lipstick samples *lol* would be satisfying for the little playful girls within!


  3. […] friend.  My love of scent goes hand in hand with my love affair with make-up, they have the same origin story. My earliest fragrances as a 90’s teen included Arden’s Red Door, Dior’s Poison […]


  4. […] here lately. Because make-up has always been a thing of joy in my life. I still fondly recall my first products and looks I wore in the past. And Make-up brings out the collector in me. I’ll admit […]


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