My Top Five Blog Posts of 2015

Here are my Top Five most popular posts of 2015 based on my WordPress review of the year. They are pretty varied and not what I would have expected but I’m glad to have spotlighted some things that I loved last year.

Jean Genie- 9 OF THE BEST instagram images in 2015

My ‘9 OF THE BEST’ most popular instagram images of 2015

I definitely got more hits when the gig and book review were shared by the band and the artist, but the hair and make up posts drew attention on their own which is pretty cool. I’m definitely planning on sharing more book reviews in 2016, but I’m also encouraged to share more make-up reviews and recommendations and adventures in hair colouring.  (I’m having my annual holiday hair colour hiccup and have gone red, wanna see me blog that too?!)  I also want to continue blogging more personal thoughts too.

What remains to be said is Thank You! to every one of you who have stopped by, given me a like, a share, retweet or a comment. Thank you for reading and contributing to the joy I find in writing for the internet. It’s nice to know I’m not out here shouting in a bucket. Happy New Year! 



  1. For me as well makeup reviews seem to have been the best this year… My bank account is already crying because this gave me yet another reason to spend money on makeup stuff *lol* so you get a new haircolor / style every january? thats exciting!! ❤


    1. Great excuse to buy new make up if ever I heard one! 😉 And yes, I tend to have a bit of a hair colour wobble in the dark months so now instead of letting myself make some rash change, I actually think about it and do something deliberate over xmas or new year. (It seems to be working as I’m not making any drastic mistakes this way, lol). x


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