Life Lately… Yuletide edition

As Christmas encroaches along with the end of the year, I feel prompted to ‘Take Stock‘ of where I’m at right now:

Wondering: If I should grow out my fringe
Liking: Jewel toned nail polishes
Loving: The colour red, its goes great with dark hair
Pondering: A purple/red hair tint for xmas?

Winter selfie 2015- new fringe

Buying: Last minute gifts and wrapping paper
Sorting: Xmas decorations, getting the tree out!
Watching: Jessica Jones- I love Krysten Ritter.
Wearing: Big Jumpers, Jeans and a biker jacket (What is this, the 80s?)

Glitter Nails for xmas

Jewel toned glittery Xmas nails!

Disliking: Being in pain- ALL THE TIME!
Needing: Things to look forward to next year
Questioning: My ideas of success
Noticing: My true feelings, motivations and skills

Knowing: I need to take better care of myself
Hoping: My hip pain will get better soon- I’m loosing my mind.
Hearing: The wind and the rain, way too often.
Wishing: It would snow

Snow Cat Xmas card-

Reading: My ‘To read‘ List
Coveting: All the Make-up (I have a problem).
Looking: At my landscape photos for a special gift
Not Drinking: Any booze, sob! 😦

Deciding: On goals for the New Year
Enjoying: The Christmas Buzz for a change
Opening: Presents on Xmas day. Yay!
Feeling: Grateful for the NHS and time to relax this holiday

So All that remains to be said isHappy Holidays dear Readers, Here’s to Health and Happiness, from me and Frosty the Snow Cat!“.

Taking Stock is inspired by my friend Chiaki and is a regular feature at Meet me at Mikes. Do you take stock too? How’s your Christmas looking?


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  1. Hoping 2016 will be a positive year then 🙂 and not taking stock like this i guess but probably would be a nice thing to do as well!

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