Five Dark Alternative Looks from Pixiwoo’s MUAs

I’m addicted to make-up tutorial videos on You-tube, like these from The Pixiwoo channel (Aka Sam and Nic Chapman, the two sisters behind the ‘Real- Techniques’ make-up brushes). They may be mainstream popular these days, but there are a surprising number of alternative looks in the Pixiwoo archives. A little bit goth, a little bit grunge and a little bit glam, here are my Top Five dark alternative make-up looks from Pixiwoo:

Marla Singer -FightClub make up

Marla Singer – Helena Bonham Carter in Fight Club

Modern take on 1920s make up

Modern 1920s Vamp (Or 1970’s revival)

Catwoman Michelle Pfeiffer- Make up

Catwoman– Michelle Pfieffer (My lifelong favourite Catwoman)

Grunge Look smokey eye

Smoky Grunge Look – Very Contemporary/1990’s

Souixie Souix style punk make up

Gothic- Punk Souixsie Souix Look (A little bit Black Swan too!)

I think Sam has got a bit of a soft spot for the Gothic look, don’t you?  She’s always slipping in a tutorial now and again of what she calls her ‘Non-People Pleasing’ looks.Do you have a You-tube habit? Or a make-up artist I need to know about ? Tell me about it in the comments…


One comment

  1. Love the last look (of course *lol*) I do like to spend a bit of my time on youtube for inspiration while clicking around a million videos ^^


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