Five Books on my Reading List

Life’s been a bit hectic lately but I’ve been rolling with the punches. I mentioned recently that I’m looking forwards to some reading time over the holidays. Here’s a glimpse at my current ‘To Read’ pile:

Recommended Reading Nov 2015-

Voice of the Fire: Alan Moore,
Moore is a long time writing hero and favourite of mine. The Watchmen and V for Vendetta are seminal. Voice of the Fire is Moore’s only novel, like a brief history of Man, set in his home town of Northampton spanning thousands of years from the stone-age to the 1990’s.

Bridget Jones’s Diary; Helen Fielding,
I effectively avoided all the Bridget Jones hype back in the day, though I’ve latterly seen the movies. My 1990’s obsession and love of  diary style writing compels me to add this one to the list, and close my pop-culture gap.

Only Ever Yours:Louise O’Neill,
Taking a risk on this one favorably compared to Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale, whose reputation precedes it. I’m not a fan of Atwood generally, and I fear this may read like a novel length episode of ‘Black Mirror’. We shall see…

Irrationality: Stuart Sutherland,
This caught my eye as it deals with our inherent erroneous thinking. We are not as rational as we might imagine, and may be lead astray by false logic. Complimentary to my studying CBT, which helpfully reminds us that ‘we are not our thoughts’ and our perceptions and minds can be changed.

The Art of Asking: Amanda Palmer,
Intrigued to find Palmer’s Ted talk persuasive and unexpectedly wise. Knowing when to ask for and indeed how to accept help, is a skill (and something I struggle with). I’m hoping to gain insight here and though my jury is out on Palmer, I’m as open minded as she is promising.

Do you have a ‘To Read’ List ? What books have you been looking forwards to spending some time with? Tell me in the comments…



  1. I love Atwood, so I’ll have to check out Only Ever Yours.

    I have multiple t-read lists: the list on Goodreads to remind me of books I’m interested in, the “for later” list attached to my library account for more books I’m interested in, and the pile of books on my bedside table. I have a problem, clearly, ha ha.

    On my bedside table, I currently have: The Wild in You (a poetry book from a none profit organization), Fifteen Dogs, 40 Below Vol. 2 (a local anthology), The Heart Goes Last (Atwood), … and one of two more, but I’m too lazy to go and see what they are.


  2. I looove Watchmen!! I’m sure we’ve discussed it at some point. I haven’t read Voice of the Fire so I’m adding it to my ‘to-read’ list. Irrationality is really good and you know what I think of The Art of Asking. 😉 I’m writing a currently reading post. It seems I’m somehow in the middle of 5 books. You’ve inspired me to view the holidays as self care/self love time. Really hope life gets less hectic soon! X

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