10 Things I love about the Festive Season!

Is it too soon to talk about Xmas? I’m uncharacteristically keen for chrimbo again this year. This is a new thing for me. For years this holiday really bummed me out but I’m working on re-focusing things. Xmas is becoming a time to spoil myself, read lots, watch sentimental movies, cuddle on the sofa, and eat treats. I largely avoid guilt, and anyone else’s awkward plans, and its all good. Like a little celebration of looking after yourself.

xmas baubles edit 1Here are some things I’m looking forward to this year:

Watching Xmas movies – some of my fave films are unconventional see favourites here.

Playing with Make up – No xmas is complete without some new cosmetics.

Reading for pleasure – My patiently waiting ‘to read’ pile and gorgeous coffee table books from my wish list

Fairy Lights – My favourite seasonal decoration, (a tree is gravy), plus I love city centres all lit up.

Wrapping up– Breaking out the big jumpers and my new winter coat (bought in last January sales!)

Glitter & sparkle–  acceptable on cards, decorations, make-up, and clothing!

Snow –Beautiful and calming. Plus I can never resist taking pictures.

Gifts/Surprises – Yes,  it’s childish but I still get excited about the presents!

Drinking Whiskey – My love & I dig whisky, Scotch,  Irish you name it, and Yule tide is always a good excuse to try a new one.

Seeing a show– with my Mom , even though I don’t like musicals there’s something super festive about seeing a live performance at xmas .

I also love hibernating in my bear cave, but that doesn’t seem quite as jolly as the other things on the list!  I encourage you to be a big kid this Xmas and take pleasure in the small things. What are you  looking forwards to this holiday season?



  1. *giggles* well I am not christmas person (even though I have to admitt to glitter & faerie lights being the best things ever.) Hope you will be able to do everything youre planning to!


    1. Thanks Ramona! I was never a christmas person before, I don’t know what’s come over me! And Glitter and fairy lights should totally be fore all year round! 😉


  2. I love Christmas lights and pulling out a few favourite ornaments, toques, cozy scarves, getting cozy under my wool blanket, and reading. This year I’m also looking forward to post-Christmas because my 40th birthday is in the new year and my Calgary family promised me cake (usually I don’t do anything to celebrate).

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  3. Summer Daisy · · Reply

    Love your list especially fairy lights!


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  4. […] been rolling with the punches. I mentioned recently that I’m looking forwards to some reading time over the holidays. Here’s a glimpse at my current ‘To Read’ […]


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