Curbing Unhelpful Habits- Making room for Change

I find humans are naturally resistant to change, regardless if it’s for the better. Lately I’ve begun to realize that if I want my life to move forwards I have to prioritize, and stop putting my own wants and needs last. I need to chuck old self-limiting habits to make room for new helpful ones.

kicking unhelpful habits- Sunset over the river by

There’s always room for improvement & these are some habits I’d like to kick:

Unhelpful Habits- A hit list

Saying ‘Yes’ when you’d rather say ‘No‘ –  Basically I need to learn to say ‘No’ without remorse or a need to explain myself.  If you don’t really want to do it save your own and everyone else’s time with a positive ‘No, Thank you.’

Dithering and deferring decisions – Don’t second guess yourself, you were probably right in the first place. Screw ‘what ifs?’ Deep down you KNOW. Go with your gut. Cut your losses and move on.

Pointless Procrastinating – related to dithering. Stop putting off the things you know are important or will make the biggest change. Fear is the little death, and procrastination my dear is the thief of time.

Online Vices – I feel like I’ve lost a lifetime reading limitless blogs, and constantly scrolling images on instagram while planning what my next will be. ‘Research’ and ‘Inspiration’ has become a displacement activity. I need to get disciplined and move on.

Bogged down by Blogging – or ‘Blogging for the wrong reasons’. I need to constantly remind myself I’m not publishing for approval, and that I’m allowed to post whatever I want, with no ‘should’s or schedules. Blogging is either a useful exploratory tool, or it’s not worth doing. Keep it real.

Instant Gratification/ Retail Therapy – It’s a trap! You might momentarily feel better but be careful of trying to fill that hole with junk. You only need so much lipstick, and hell you can’t wear it all at once. I’m being facetious but next time you feel like frittering away a tenner put it in the pot for something you really want instead. This one’s gonna be tough.

 * * * * *

I intend to break my ‘bad habits’  by creating new helpful ones in their place and I’ll follow-up with my ‘helpful habits’ list soon. In the meantime, perhaps you can recognise some of these unhelpful habits among your own? What negative habit do you have that you’d really like to break? Perhaps you’ve successfully kicked your habit already? I’d love to hear about it.



  1. Blogging for the wrong reasons is a big one for me. It took me ages to start a blog because I didn’t want to do one just about writing and I didn’t want to do one just about the things I love (movies, make up, jewellery) but I didn’t think anyone would care or like it if I did one about everything! But then finally I just though, eh, screw it. This blog will be for me.

    Retail therapy – oh god its my downfall. I drift from impulse to impulse and own things I’ve never used, just bought them because I could. Because I’m an adult and I earn money and I’m in charge of my own decisions. It’s such a trap.

    My biggest bad habbit is dwelling on the past. Constantly. Especially on the people in it. I need to let things lie, stop picking at old wounds and just let my life settle so I can look forward, instead of russeling up dead leaves in the backyard.

    Anyway, enough from me. This was a wonderful post! 🙂 x

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    1. Hi Hev, I’m glad this post resonated with you. Its ok I think to blog about whatever you want and you should check out what @beachedlibrarian also has to say about that. Also I’m glad im not the only make-up junkie spend thrift.
      One last thing, don’t be afraid to consider the past- yeah dwelling is bad and we’re all told to move on- but sometimes stuff from the past is present in your head for a reason. Maybe something needs closure, or looked at more closely before you can learn the lesson and move on. It takes time, and self awareness is always preferable to self delusion, turning a blind eye and hoping that if you ignore something long enough it will go away (although that can work sometimes!) Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts. b,x

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  2. I have many of the same habits.

    I’ve gotten much better at not buying things just for that thrill of something new. My general rule of thumb is that I have really want/need it and I have to wait at least a day before buying it. I try to ask myself things like: Do I really need it? Where will I display/store it? When/how will I use it? Does it work with/match things that I already own? Is there something else that I would prefer (even if it’s more expensive)?

    My pointless procrastination and online vices go hand-in-hand, so I’m working on the latter first (ex: I need to spend less time on Pinterest, but I can procrastinate with a book all I want … for now). Actually, I think that online vices is a pretty big problem for me right now. As the day’s get shorter and my walks to work less nice (on the busy sidewalk instead of on the pleasant trails) because of the dark, I’m letting myself fall into the kinds of habits that will just leave me bored and depressed with life: watching too much Netflix, browsing low-brow websites for the slight chance of a funny gem, opening tonnes of interesting things in new tabs but never actually reading them, and spending way too much time admiring other people’s “perfect” decor. I’m not even enjoying them anymore. For example, I’ve been watching Agatha Christie’s Poirot and I loved the first few seasons, but the seasons I’m watching now are boring and repetitive … but I’m still watching them. WHY?!?

    So, I’m working on weeding down my online vices. The other night I weeded my Instagram (getting rid of almost half the accounts I was following). I then did the same on Facebook (this time getting rid of nearly two thirds of the pages I followed). It’s a small thing, with fewer new things, I’m far less likely to check them every few hours or to waste time on them. I’m going to to a digital purge, too (getting rid of old accounts I never use, etc.) just because I feel like I’m on a roll. And, I think I’m going to get rid of Netflix. My city’s public library has a pretty damned good selection of digital content (audiobooks, videos, even theater and opera … if I’m desperate, I can find something, it just might not be the popular shows, which I never watch anyway).

    Anyway, this is a great post. I’m so glad that other people have the same bad habits as I do AND that other people are facing the same struggle of actually trying to make changes.

    Good luck with your efforts! 🙂


  3. well, these indeed sound like a good thing to change! I am trying to constantly change myself and see if the changes feel good after a month (and after doing so for a year now i have to say every change gets easier!), already limited facebook / instagram / twitter (except twitter private messages) to an hour a day, if that hour is up, those apps are closed.


  4. […] New Year! Are you thinking about things you’d like to change? I wrote recently about the hindrance of unhelpful habits. Here I’m following up with healthy habits I hope to replace mine with to help me crawl out […]


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