Smashing Pumpkin Ideas for Halloween

I get super excited about Halloween pumpkins, because I didn’t have them as a kid. I loved dressing up and trick or treating, going to the parade and fireworks, eating Halloween snacks while nodding off in front of the TV watching schlockly old Horror films and B-Movies. But…Halloween without a pumpkin is like Christmas without a tree.

Me as Morticia and my first pumpkin, IronMan Pumpkin & Last Year's Bates Motel Haunted House

Me as Morticia and my first teeny pumpkin back in 2008, IronMan Pumpkin by my BF & last year’s Bates Motel themed Haunted House pumpkin

We didn’t have pumpkins where I grew up, and they remain pretty rare. Nowadays this holiday vegetable magically appears in select stores a week or two ahead of Samhain before vanishing like the proverbial at midnight. I’m still all about the horror films, I might even dress up a little, but I LOVE to have a Pumpkin to carve for Halloween!

My Favourite Halloween Pumpkin design- Jack Skellington

My Favourite Halloween Pumpkin design- Jack Skellington

I have a huge pumpkin this year with my name on it, but I’m all out of carving ideas. So far I’ve kept my pumpkins pretty traditional, you can see previous year’s designs above. I only have basic tools, but this is bigger pumpkin than ever so I could try something a little more complicated. That’s where you come in internet friends; help me out! I need some suggestions for relatively simple but effective pumpkin ideas. What do you think I should carve on my pumpkins this year?




  1. I used to do pumpkins all the time, but it’s a bit of a waste when you live on the 9th floor, ha ha. But, I always thought it would be cool to do something like creepy tree silhouettes all the way around the pumpkin or a decorative skull (think sugar skulls).

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    1. Oh gosh, those are some really lovely suggestions. I love the idea of the trees all around- i’m not sure my carving skills are up to it. Sugar skulls are cool too. I be any pumpkins you carve are intricate! x


      1. Ooh my goodness no! I do not have carving out sculpting, just grand ideas.


  2. Wow, I love your Bates Motel inspired pumpkin! I’ve only ever carved really simple creepy faces. You are a gorgeous Morticia. For some reason I’ve never dressed up as her… I always go for something that involves fake blood such as zombie, Black Dahlia or 40s bride covered in blood because she killed her husband. 😉

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  3. Actually I never had the chance of carving one of my own, last years it was simply a lack of time :-/ I’m pretty sure I would try to do a nosferatu silhouette though 🙂

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    1. Ramona, that’s a great Idea! A nosferatu silhouette would work really well and you could probably keep it fairly simple. I might try it, if you don’t mind? 😉

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      1. *lol* – i hope you will share the results ❤


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