You! Why do you Blog?

Although GeenGeenie is just over a year old I’ve been a blogger for over a decade. Sometimes personal, other times professional, I’ve written blog content both for myself and for others. And I’ve even written anonymously – back in the early days when you still could. My reasons for blogging have changed over the years, but I feel recently like they’ve come full circle.

new illustrated profile-fw

Illustrated Selfie Late 2012- I’ve kinda got this hair again but longer

I started my first blog(s) back in 2003 when I was lucky enough to have internet access in my day job and free reign to entertain myself during quiet times. I was obsessed with small press comics and I blogged my comic strip development and about appearances at cons. I also briefly kept a separate diary-like site where I blogged personal musings anonymously. Little did I know these early blogs marked the beginning of my passion for writing and independent publishing.

me sketching at 2D fESTIVAL 2008

Sketching and Selling Comics at 2D festival 2008

My interest in writing for the web bled into my employment where I took on roles with an element of web content management (and creation) and eventually, blogging to promote a small business. I relished writing guest posts for other blogs, and articles for magazines.For me words and pictures go together, so it’s no wonder that as a freelance illustrator and craft designer I wrote a blog to support the visual work I was creating.

Me with my first craft pattern in a magazine 2012

My first craft pattern in a UK magazine four years ago!

However blogging as business identity became dissociative and limiting. With GeenGeenie I’ve reverted to a more personal approach to blogging. I try to keep it consistent, but I’m not as concerned with appearance or stats. (I’m not trying to drive sales or stay on topic here!) And while I might not be as soul-bearing online as my naive first time blogger self once was, I delight in blog writing as a tool for self discovery. I can be serious one day or silly the next, and for now I’m enjoying just seeing what comes out.

What about you, do you Blog? Are you a goal driven blogger or is it a more personal endeavour? I’d love to hear the reasons why you blog…



  1. Lovely post! I started my blog as a way to be more creative as I felt like that was really lacking in my life. It’s such a positive thing as I like to set myself personal goals to keep me motivated 🙂 xxx

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  3. I agree, Blogs can definitely get you interested (or addicted?) to writing! I started blogging in 2010/2011 and did not know what I was doing or why, after a 2 years break I am using my blog to get to know people, get inspired and hopefully inspire as well as keeping track of the way I change in whatever there comes!

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    1. I like your reasons for blogging Ramona, it’s definitely in the old school ‘live journal’ mold. I alway for get that Blogging is a great way to meet like minded people too- which is weird because I’ve met bloggers who turned into real-life friends! I definitely enjoy getting a little inspired by your blog from time to time! 😉


  4. I wrote a long response on my blog, but the short answer is because I can and I like to share:

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