Life Lately…Autumn 2015

I don’t normally do this but now that October is here and Autumn is officially begun I felt like ‘taking stock‘ and sharing a little of my personal life :

Autumn trees 2015
Drinking : Copious Earl Grey Tea
Reading: The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers
Looking: At Instagram far too much
Playing: Nine Inch Nails ‘Hesitation Marks‘ on repeat
Cringing: At some of Trent’s lyrics
Deciding: I need to curb my spending
Wishing: I had more money
Enjoying: Watching Fraiser over from the beginning
Waiting: For my creative writing class to start next week
Liking: Having my hair dark again
Wondering: If I’ll manage to grow it out this time
Loving: Rust & red eye-shadow and my certain Someone
Considering: My Goals for the end of the year
Watching: All the dodgy sequels of The Crow
Marveling: At how bad they are

Tired Oct selfie

Hoping: That my hip pain will pass soon
Needing: Some self-care and pain relief!
Questioning: What I did that made it hurt so bad.
Smelling: Valentino Uomo, my winter scent.
Wearing: Crochet , blanket capes & hiking shoes (but not all at the same time)
Noticing: The leaves change and the autumn light
Getting: Mentally prepared for winter (I dread the cold dark months)
Bookmarking: Lots of Lisa Eldridge Make up videos on you tube.
Coveting: the Lorac Pro Matte palette
Disliking: Depending on public transport
Opening: lots of children’s books courtesy of CBI !
Feeling: Stiff and tired mostly
Listening: to Andy Weir’s The Martian on Audio Book

Taking Stock was inspired by my friend Chiaki and is a regular feature at Meet me at Mikes. Do you take stock too? How’s your Autumn looking?



  1. I hope your hip pain goes soon, my dear! I’m cringing at some of Trent’s lyrics too. 😉 Your dark hair is gorgeous and that makeup is perfect! You look badass in that photo and I like it a lot. I really enjoyed this post! X


    1. Being called BADASS is the best compliment I’ve had in a long time ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love watching Frasier


  3. You definitely look great with the dark hair! And this kind of posts are lovely to read through!


    1. Awww, thank you Ramona!


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  5. […] You know I love a red/rust grunge-y eye shadow palette. (I’ve written about them here and here). My latest acquisition ‘Soul Mattes’ is an all matte mineral eye shadow palette from […]


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