Rose McGowan Pop Video or Performance art?

Rose McGowan was a late 90’s bombshell. You might remember her as Shannen Doherty’s replacement on Charmed. Lately she’s become a singer with a video to rival Lady Gaga that opens with her quoting Rutger Hauer’s famous speech from Bladerunner…. Say What now???
Rose McGown- Bald Alien -red sun- RM486Click here to see the video for Rose’s debut song ‘RM486’

Who is this again? Maybe you remember Rose Mc Gowan as Marilyn Manson’s first big celebrity girlfriend? Or as the girl with the gun for a leg from  Rodriguez’ Planet Terror? Either way McGowan’s career is filled with strangeness, and not without its charm.

Rose McGowan- Goth joker face- RM486The inevitable comparisons to Manson now due to the crazy make up and imagery are lazy, and rob McGowan of her agency.  What ever weirdness this is, it’s all her own. However the questions remain:  Why a music career? Why this pop video? Why now? I don’t pretend to know the answers.

Rose McGowan Turkey Vulture RM486 Perhaps its an art experiment with director friend Jonas Åkerlund and his costume designer wife?  Maybe all the topless-ness is a means to preserve her youth for posterity (actually, I commend her desire to reclaim the visibility of women’s bodies in a non-sexualized way). Perhaps its a midlife crisis, last stab at relevancy?

Rose McGowan - make up-RM486Or just maybe, as some people on the internet have suggested, it really  is performance art? You can see what McGowan herself has to say about it here. Musically it’s a bit Goldfrapp meets Daft Punk via Fischerspooner, so I buy the performance art explanation. That or she’s an Alien 😉

Rose McGowan - deamon - RM486

What do you make of this unprecedented pop video from Rose McGowan? Love it or hate it, McGowan is the new agent provocateur. And as a (devil’s) advocate for feminism is becoming quite the spokeswoman to watch!



  1. I’ve always loved Rose. She’s fabulous in Jawbreaker. The video and her voice are beautiful but I’m not completely sold. I have to admit that the song is growing on me though!


    1. I thought you might like this Chiaki 😉


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