Autumn Make up- Top Five budget brands

Here are my top picks of budget brand make up products for the coming season from Wet n Wild, Boots Seventeen, Maybelline, Collection and MUA:

I know, there are six items, but we#ll say Top 5 Budget Brands OK?

I know, there are six items, but we’ll say ‘Top 5 Budget Brands’ OK?

I’m really enjoying Wet & Wild products at the moment, their semi-matte MegaLast Lipsticks are on a par with Sleek’s matte lippies and at less than £3 each I splurged on 2 nude/brown tones and a violet for that teenage goth in me that still thinks I can wear a purple lip. Also the shades in their Comfort Zone eye shadow palette are to die for (although staying power could be better so use a primer). It’s worth buying for the golden green (very 90’s) and the blue/brown duo-chrome alone.

Autumn Make up- wet n wild

I still love Maybelline Dream Flawless nude and I’ve moved on to a cooler shade for the winter. I’m also trialing Boots Seventeen On the Spot Foundation– it has a matte finish and full coverage, so it’s a bit heavy but it includes salicylic acid to help control problem skin. (I’m oily and spot prone!) You know I’m obsessed with rust red 90’s eyes, and for £1 MUA Bronzer in shade 2 is a matte warm copper brown that’s good for building this look.  Speaking of bronzers (and highlighters) Collection do a great little power Contour Kit Highlight and Sculpt for £3.99 perfect for  subtle shading.

So those are my current budget beauty brand recommendations for Autumn 2015. Seen anything you like? What make up will you be wearing this Fall?


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