My Top Five Florence and the Machine Videos

I adore music videos, but its a rare artist these days that makes one I can get excited about. The imagery employed by Florence and the Machine of magic, spiritualism and melancholy always sets my heart a flutter.  Links below to see the videos of my Top 5 Florence & The Machine Videos :

rabbit heart - Florence and the Machine

Rabbit Heart (Raise it up)
his track was my introduction to Florence via an amazing presentation on Top of the Pops Xmas where she performed it like a pagan ritual. The video is more whimsical full of medieval/Victorian revelers at a kind of Mad-Hatter’s tea party. Also witness Florence’s signature motif; wading into the river like Ophelia or Woolf.
shake it out- Florence and the Machine

Shake it out
A costume ball thrown by the Bloomsbury set, filled with masks and false selves. A séance, and dancing as though possessed to throw the devil from your back. Possible suicide by jumping? My favourite of Florence’s songs.
cosmic love- Florence and the machine

Cosmic Love
Vivid Red hair against red leaves, glitter, fairy lights and bokeh. An autumnal reverie and some Kate Bush like interpretive dancing in a slashed black leotard for this song about finding light and love in the dark.
never let me go- Florence

Never let me go
This video sees Florence as a dark elemental spirit, like the ghost of a drowned girl from a Japanese horror film. Returning to an ice rink to say farewell to a lover, she has been swallowed whole by her true love the ocean.
No Light No Light- Florence and the Machine

No light No light
Rooftops, voodoo, falling and being chased- it’s your worst anxiety dream. Effectively low-fi and creepy, with choirboys borrowed from Total Eclipse of the Heart and the fabulous moment where she falls through the stained glass ceiling nicked from The Cell. Oh Florence, you’ve done it again ❤

No official videos yet from the new album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful but I’ll be watching. I’m so glad I got to see her perform live this year, you can see my Florence and the Machine gig review here.



  1. My first introduction to her was Spectrum, which fascinated me. But, Dogs Days Are Over, Cosmic Love, and Never Let Me Go made me a dedicated fan. Then I heard No Light, No Light. It’s still my absolute favourite! I have to admit that I haven’t seen many of her videos. They’re so gorgeous! Like art pieces that just so happen to go with a song. It’s quite refreshing considering how so many music videos are just flashy dance numbers.


    1. I’m so glad you’re a fan! I’m glad I could introduce you to her music videos. I grew up on pop videos like this and I think Florence has a very old school approach of making them narrative/thematic. Are you back safe from your holiday now? x


      1. Yes, I remember the old videos. They all had a story to tell. And, yes, I’m back home 🙂


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